Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Intel hints Maoist used drones to distract cops, help top cadre travel

Soumitra Bose | TNN | Oct 28, 2020, 04:12 IST

Nagpur: The latest intelligent inputs with the police department indicate 


 flew drones near security posts in sensitive south 


 to keep the forces distracted while their 


 cadres crossed through the region

Even as the 


 mystery has kept the cops on tenterhooks, it’s learnt the state government is contemplating investing in anti-drone technologies to counter the threat they pose. Gadchiroli police may propose to procure such anti-drone mechanisms for the Maoist-affected district

Security forces

 here have been reeling under uncertainty over the flying objects for more than a month now.

The flying drones, first spotted at Gatta in mid-September, have so far remained untraced. SP Ankit Goyal only chose to say ‘the investigation was underway’.

It’s learnt the latest theory police are working on is whether the drones were flown to keep security forces engaged with the flying object threat while senior Maoist 


 safely passed through nearby forested stretches.

Highly placed source said the Maoists have become cautious about the security of their senior leadership since the central government started targeting and eliminating them if they did not surrender. “Unlike in the past, when senior leaders were provided just a handful of bodyguards, they are now escorted by scouts and team of guards with more manpower,” said a source.

“The latest drone sightings may be linked to the Maoist strategy of keeping security forces distracted or engaged at their own posts to facilitate passage of their leaders,” he said.

The drones, after being sighted at Gatta, were spotted at several other places as they flew over villages and also tried to come near police posts, leading to firing. The drones were spotted last at Venkatapur in south Gadchiroli a few days ago.

Till date, there was a lot of speculations regarding the drones but no concrete findings have surfaced. “It’s likely the drones were being controlled from the adjoining hillocks of remote hamlets. Prima facie, the drones spotted so far do not seem to be of high quality,” said a senior officer


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