Monday, November 02, 2020

Maoist leader Roopesh can access internet: Court

TNN | Updated: Nov 2, 2020, 12:15 IST


NIA court



 has given sanction to 

Maoist leader Roopesh

 to access internet facilities to get the relevant inputs for fighting the cases against him.

The court ordered that Roopesh “shall be permitted to use Internet facility for a duration of 45 minutes every week to access only the official websites of the Supreme Court and various high courts in India, India Code, Indian Kanoon and any useful search engine for accessing any of the said websites.”

Roopesh is a law graduate and is fighting the cases in the lower courts on his own. He moved the court saying that access to the verdicts of the constitutional courts and 

various statutory provisions

 are indispensable for him in the legal fight.

The Maoist leader said that the Kerala Prisons and Correctional Services (Management) Rule has provisions for foreign citizens who are in prison to have access to the internet.

The prison authority informed the court that there are not enough legal books in the library which are helpful to defend a serious criminal case.

The order said that “court had the opportunity to see the legal acumen of the petitioner on a number of occasions. He always comes prepared to address the court with suitable precedents and legal provisions. He is a law graduate. However, his submission is that the study materials available with him have been exhausted and they are no more helpful to him to defend the ensuing trial in various courts.”

The court also sought the opinion of the systems administrator at the 

Ernakulam district

 court who said that limited access to the internet could be provided after installing necessary firewalls to check its misuse.

The court asked the prison authorities to make arrangements to provide software-based law journals to the jail inmates and until it is done Roopesh is allowed to use the internet in a limited way.

P A Shyna, Roopesh’swife, said the order is a great relief to fight the cases. “We used to collect court orders and relevant materials and send them to Roopesh, who is currently lodged at high security prison in Viyyur in Thrissur,” she said.

Roopesh has 43 cases against him, out of which six have been discharged, she said

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