Wednesday, November 04, 2020

No takers for Kerala’s surrender policy for Maoists

By Ajay Kanth| Express News Service | Published: 05th November 2020 04:55 AM
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KOCHI: Maoist cadre in Kerala are in no mood to take up the surrender-cum-rehabilitation package announced by state government.Though the “Surrender-cum-Rehabilitation policy” for Left Wing Extremists (LWEs) was announced in May 2018, not a single activist has come forward to accept it.

Since the policy was announced, three encounters have taken place in the state resulting in the killing of six Maoist cadres, including a Malayali activist C P Jaleel.

“A majority of active Maoist cadres who operate in the state are from Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. We do not think they will make use the surrender policy announced by Kerala,” a senior intelligence officer said, adding that the government’s decision to rush with “surrender or assault” plan has complicated things further.

Police had asked Maoists to surrender before a deadline or face the assault operation. Shanto Lal, state convener of Porattam, an activist group, said the surrender-cum-rehabilitation policy rolled out by the state was part of a national-level scheme adopted by Union government to bring the Maoists to the main stream of the society.

“The Maoist leadership has already made it clear that the cadres are free to opt for the scheme. But the leaders have also raised questions whether such packages offer what the cadres really stand for,” he said.

In fact a few months after the state announced the surrender package, Nadukani Dalam of CPI (Maoists) had come with a bulletin rejecting the package

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