Saturday, December 12, 2020

2 Naxal women shot by Hawk Force

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On December 11, Superintendent of Police Balaghat dispatched Hawk Force team  to village Borvan Cheki under police station Kirnapur area where 10-12 persons were surrounded to capture them when they appeared. On seeing the police, Naxalites opened fired on the police. The police force warned to surround the Naxalites and surrender.

Despite the warning, the Naxalites ran away and opened fire on the police party. Naxalites fired several rounds on the police party. Taking advantage of the dark and dense forest, the Naxalites managed to escape towards the forest.

After the firing stopped, a search operation was carried out by the police force on the spot, in which the body of a uniformed Naxalite with a firearm whose was around 25 years old, was found. The female naxalite was identified as Sobha of Gadchiroli Maharashtra, member of Malanjkhand Area Committee. On her head Rs 3 lakh were declared by Madhya Pradesh government and Rs 5 lakh by the Chhattisgarh government, thus a reward of Rs 8 rupees was declared on the female Naxalites.

In the morning after darkness disappeared on Saturday, firing resumed by the Hawk Force and later firing stopped, intensive search was done and the body of another uniformed Naxalite with rifle was found. Female Naxalites were identified as Savitri resident Ganganur district Bijapur, member of the Kasa Area Committee.The  Madhya Pradesh government declared a Rs 3 lakh and Rs 8 lakh rupees by the Chhattisgarh government and a total of Rs 11 lakh was declared on this female naxalite.

Superintendent of Police Abhishek Tiwari, Assistant Fighter Ravi Dwivedi, Assistant Sub Inspector Rampadam Sharma and Jawan were involved in the entire operation

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