Sunday, March 21, 2021

‘Surrendered Naxal’ helped cops to locate and bust ‘arms factory’


Sumitra Bose | TNN | Mar 22, 2021, 05:25 IST

Nagpur: A surrendered Naxal is learnt to have helped the C-60 commandos of the Gadchiroli police to locate and bust the Abhujmadh-based arms factory of the Naxals atop a hillock in the forested stretch of Chhattisgarh earlier this month. 

The police had seized some weapons from the place apart from destroying machines which were used for manufacturing firearms.

Meanwhile, the state government also made an annual budgetary allocation of Rs 10 crore for the welfare of surrendered Naxals and their families through the district planning commitee. The fund is learnt to be spent for various developmental activities revolving around surrendered Naxals, focusing on their rehabilitation and return to the mainstream of society.

It is learnt that the success of the C-60 commandos to raid the arms factory and reduce it to ashes was due to a former Naxal, who is now staying at the police camp. He had shown the personnel the route to the secret location.

The Naxals were believed to be planning to prepare a crude grenade launcher at their arms factory to use it against the security forces.

Jolted by the C-60 raid, a press statement by the Naxals from their western sub-zonal bureau has appealed to their surrendered comrades to refrain from helping cops. They have also asked villagers to ensure that the surrendered Naxals return to the villages, reunite with their families and are also made a part of the gram sabhas.

DIG, Naxal range, Sandip Patil, said the choice of living and leading their own lives should be left to the surrendered Naxals. “The surrendered Naxals are like any other citizens who should be allowed to take their own decisions,’ he said.

“Many former Naxals live with their kin in villages while some opt for the city for their own reasons. Many work as home guards under special schemes while others follow a profession of their choice,” said the DIG.

“Naxals have been unnerved by the success of the police. They are blaming surrendered Naxals for their own failures. We appeal to all Naxals to surrender and opt for rehabilitation schemes,” he said.

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