Sunday, August 28, 2005

Maoist base wilting in Anantapur district , Andhra Paradesh?

Sunday August 28 2005 13:21 IST

ANANTAPUR: A large number of Maoists bid farewell to arms in 2005 like never before. The surrendered include top-level functionaries of the party.

The widely held view is that this large number of surrenders is because of the police counselling sessions to the parents of the Maoists - who in turn have made their wards see reason.

Though the Maoists threw the gauntlet and many of them died in the ‘encounters’, the police had been giving importance to the surrenders.

Among the 87 Maoists who laid down the arms include - 36 dalam members, 43 militants, five dalam commanders, two deputy commanders and one district committee member.

The unabated surrenders have put the party leadership in a dilemma. Outwitted, the Maoists shot dead nine persons citing various reasons.

The surrendered Maoists allege that the leaders had lured them to join the movement by promising to solve their problems.

Instead of solving the problems, they had been made to do hatchet jobs, they allege.

A majority surrendered Maoists say that they had joined the movement to get their land, house and village problems solved.

But complain that they were encouraged to commit crime and participate in raids.

The surrendered also allege that there is no unity among the leaders and the lower cadres were looked down upon.

The police is also of the opinion that difference among top leaders has reached a peak.

And the police is not complaining. It is a proud moment for them when the Maoists come voluntarily come to the police stations to lay down their arms.

After Sanjay Kumar Jain took over as the SP, he focused on the surrender of Maoists. Many large arms dumps were unearthed and crucial clues obtained.

The police came to know about the Maoists’ plans, raids on police stations and attack on the Gorantla MLA.

The more revealing fact is that the Maoists’ diaries obtained from the dumps indicated that some political leaders had been providing shelter, extending support in the form of weapons and cash.

A shot in the arm came to the police when the people of Bukkapatnam revolted against the Maoists.

The police sensing the changed ground realities immediately swung into action.

It was then that the Maoists started shifting their base to Kadapa district.

They indulged in violence and arson even from Kadapa district.

When the Kadapa police started intensive combing operation, the Maoists started leaving the district.

Now the police are under the impression that the Maoists’ base had become weak.

But the Maoists without losing heart began championing their cause and ideology. When the police sensed it, they concentrated on Maddeleru platoon.

Meanwhile, the police are also trying to counsel the parents of the Naxals to get their wards give up arms and join the mainstream.

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