Sunday, August 28, 2005

Minor explosion at Congress office , Bangalore

DH News Service Bangalore:

A small explosion occurred outside the Congress office on Queen’s Road on Friday evening, but nobody even realised it was a bomb, till the party workers read about a similar incident at the JD (S) office in the newspapers on Saturday. Some senior police officials expressed suspicion regarding naxal hands in both blasts.

According to K V R Tagore, additional commissioner of police (traffic and security) it was a small explosive and not a bomb that went off. In fact, the explosion, which occurred near the steps leading to the building, was so weak that it failed to even break the glass panes of the cellar barely a foot away. Meanwhile, KPCC President Mallikarjuna Kharge who visited the office, said involvement of naxalites in the explosions is not ruled out. “There is a possibility of their involvement. But there is no specific information”, Mr Kharge told reporters.

Mr Kharge said that security has been stepped up at Airport, defence establishments, IT and BT offices. Director of the Forensic Science Laboratories, Dr B M Mohan, following forensic investigations, said the explosive seemed similar to the device that exploded in the toilet of the JD(S) office on Friday. A cheap desktop clock, and torch batteries were recovered.

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