Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Pro-Naxalite outfit to hold rally in Orissa

Statesman News service

Statesman News Service
RAYAGADA, Aug. 30. — The Daman Pratirodh Manch, a pro-Naxalite outfit, iterated its resolve to hold a rally at Bhubaneswar on 1 September in protest against persecution of “innocent” tribals, particularly the case relating to police firing at Mandrabaju in 1999.
Mr Dandapani Mohanty, leader of the Manch decried police excesses and the silence of the government which claims to be pro-adivasis. He referred to the case where four tribals were sentenced to life imprisonment in connection with the Mandrabaju firing case. “Eight tribals had died in the incident which had taken place on 30 December 1999,” he said.
“Strangely the police has been given a clean chit while tribals have been sent to jail,” he alleged.
“Police camps were established in order to provide security to zamindars when the adivasis were protesting to get back their lands.The adivasis protested and this resulted in indiscriminate firing by the police,” he said while recalling the five year old incident.
“While the government is saying that the cases pending against the adivasis are being withdrawn but the fact is more cases are being filed against them,” he stated.
The extreme Left leader was confident that these issues will be taken up in a big way at the 1 September rally in Bhubaneswar.

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