Saturday, September 03, 2005

Naxal love letters intercepted

- By S.A.Hemanth Kumar

Bangalore, Sept. 3: Letters written to a Naxalite by his comrade-lover and recovered by the police indicate that she is facing harassment from her commander and wants to leave the movement to settle down with him. He however suggests that she read up on the revolution and write poems on it.

The Naxalites, Vivek and Bharati, are believed to be operating in the thick jungles of the Western Ghats in Karnataka. This newspaper is in possession of about half-a-dozen letters written by Bharati.

The letters were recovered by the police from one of the two Naxalites who were killed in an encounter in the Mookambika game sanctuary in Karkala Taluk of Udupi district in July.

Bharati writes that she has been transferred from the Karavali squad to the Sharavathi squad. Vivek is believed to be recuperating in an unidentified place in Kerala after he suffered gunshot wounds to his leg during another encounter in the Barkhana forests in January last.

In one of her letters to Vivek, Bharati writes, "I love you Vivek. I want to marry you, go away to some distant place and lead a simple, happy married life. I am dreaming of a house of our own."

Vivek replies: "I will definitely marry you. Do not get disturbed or distracted. Read some literature, mix and discuss with people, write poems on the revolution. Till I come and discuss about our marriage and family, don’t take any hasty decision."

There is also an element of harassment by a third man. Bharati’s letter to Vivek states, "I am being constantly harassed by Kiran (the squad’s commander). He keeps coming near me on one pretext or the other. One night, he came to my tent twice."

She adds: "Taking a cue from him, others are also behaving in a similar manner. I do not know whom to tell. Two girls from Chikamagalur area have run away. I don’t know the reason. Perhaps, they also might have undergone similar kind of harassment which I am presently undergoing."

In another letter, Bharati says, "Nobody seems to understand the physical problems of women. It is difficult to get medicines in Chikamagalur and the Udupi area. I do not know what to do. Day by day my health is deteriorating. I am living because I know you will get well soon and come back to camp to take me."


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