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Naxal Sympathisers RDF to Observe Protest Week from 12th to 18th September

BELOW IS A MESSAGE RECEIVED from our sources which ,Naxal sympathisers Revolutionary Democratic Front (RDF)is planning to Observe Protest Week from 12th to 18th September , it says "Fight Back the Brutal Repression Unleashed on the People of Andhra Pradesh "

When Crime Rules the Roost…..

Dear Friends,

On 8th January, Andhra Pradesh police took into custody and killed the Executive Committee member of Chaitanya Mahila Samakhya, Lakshmi. After some days, fourteen Maoists in Nizmabad district were murdered by poisoning food through a covert. The Grayhounds police encircled and killed Yadanna, a member of North Telangana Special Zonal Committee of Communist Party of India (Maoist) along with four others. A leader of Telangana Jana Sabha, Sudarsan, and a leader of Telangana Rashtra Samiti, Nalla Vasanth, were killed in a fake encounter. The representative of CPI (ML-Janasakti) during the peace talks, Riyaz, and three others were caught and killed in Hyderabad. The police threw their bodies on the national highway in Sirsilla area and cooked up the usual story of encounter killing. Ravi alias Diwakar, Nalgonda District Committee Secretary of CPI (Maoist), along with his courier, was picked up from Nalgonda district on 22nd September, subjected to inhuman physical torture and finally shot dead in a fake encounter. His body was thrown in Mehaboobnagar district.

The State Executive Committee Member of Patriotic Democratic Movement and a servicing Telugu teacher in Dharmapur high school in Mehboobnagar district, Kanakachari, was picked up on September 24th morning, by a goonda gang, Narsa Cobras, formed and armed by none other than AP police itself, when he was on his way to school. He was then subjected to physical torture throughout the day and eventually axed to death inhumanly. The name 'Narsa Cobras' was etched on the axe. Varavara Rao and Kalyan Rao, both revolutionary writers, were illegally pushed behind the bars on 17th September foisting false and fabricated cases against them, soon after imposing ban of their organization, Revolutionary Writers Association (RWA).

The only fault all the above committed was standing firmly by the oppressed people, sharing their grief and joining in their struggles aiming at changing their wretched fate. These are, indeed, a tip of iceberg of what Andhra Pradesh is witnessing each day and of how Rajashekhar Reddy led Congress government and its notorious Grayhounds are crushing under their iron heels the just revolutionary movement and even minimum democratic voices.

Reddy Stepping into the Shoes of Naidu

Rajashekhar Reddy led Congress Government in Andhra Pradesh, as we all know, reluctantly initiated peace talks with Communist Party of India (Maoist), as it was one of the major election promises of the Congress which raised it to power in the state. The talks between the revolutionary communists and the state government broke down in January 2005, as the latter was not ready to genuinely look into the massive problems of the people, placed by the revolutionaries during the talks, and were unwilling to take any steps to ameliorate them. Instead, it sought to destroy the revolutionary movement by, on the one hand, demanding to throw down of arms and become part of the very same oppressive system which had forced it to take up arms against it and, on the other hand, enhancing its informers network using the relatively 'peace time' in the rural areas as a part of its curbing the movement.
Soon after the failure of the talks, it resumed a crackdown on the cadres and leaders of the revolutionary democratic movement, combing operations on the Maoists, torturing and killing them in fake encounters, forming, arming and engaging private gangs to kill the open mass leaders, arresting and implicating false cases on writers, journalists and other supporters of revolutionary movement and so on. In Prakasam district alone 22 leaders of people's organisations like Andhra Pradesh Civil Liberties Committee, the then AIPRF, Kula Nirmulana Porata Samiti (KNPS), Andhra Pradesh Praja Kala Mandali, and Human Rights Forum were arrested and jailed. RWA district convenor Srinivas was taken away from his home, kept in illegal custody for four days, and implicated in cases unrelated to him. He was produced in the court of law only after a strong pressure was exerted through a fast-unto-death by his family members and people's organisations. The State President of KNPS was similarly taken away in broad daylight and detained for six days at an unknown place. When his family members and representatives of people's organisations took out processions demanding his release, they were lathicharged. He was subjected to electric shock six times in the six days. When the pressure mounted from people, he was implicated in 10-15 illegal cases and produced in a court. In nutshell, it absolutely reverted to unbridled and naked terror that Chandrababu Naidu regime had resorted to.

As a step ahead, the Reddy regime, on 17th August, 2005, has banned eight people's organisations, viz, Communist Party of India (Maoist), Radical Youth League, Radical Students Union, Raitu Coolie Sangham, Singareni Karmika Samakhya, Viplava Karmika Samakhya, All India Revolutionary Students Federation, and Revolutionary Writers Association. The ban order was, in fact, issued even as the jet carrying World Bank president Paul Wolfwitz was approaching Hyderabad airport to a lavish state reception on the same day. It was for nothing other than ensuring World Bank that Reddy government would ruthlessly crush the Maoists who are the major hurdle in implementing the World Bank polices in the state. Interestingly one the very same day, the murderous private gang 'Narsa Cobras' was formed and armed and it announced the 29 leaders and activists of different mass organisations, whom it plans to kill. Following the ban, the state unleashed massive arrests of activists and leaders of banned organisations. Even if, rights organisations and individuals across the state condemned the arrests, calling these an assault on the freedom of _expression_ of writers and thinkers, DGP Swaranjit Sen, giving an indication that more arrests were in the offing, warned that even the Press would not be spared if it gave publicity to Naxalites by publishing their interviews.

The government has not kept its promise of free power supply to farmers and is dodging its implementation by introducing new conditions. Instead of resolving the strike of Junior Doctors, the government suppressed it. Without resolving any of the issues of the APSRTC workers, it has been threatening them through the judiciary. The government employees have been fighting on issues of their salary benefits. This scenario makes it clear that Rajasekhar Reddy has taken over the mantle of the TDP in taking forward the World Bank agenda. That is why the state violence has assumed the demonic forms of fake encounter killings and formation of murderous private armed gangs.

The situation in other states, as far as Maoist movement is concerned, is not far different. The social fascist, CPI (M) government in West Bengal has arrested top Maoist leaders, Sunil Roy, Patit Pavan Haldar and others; Maharashtra police have recently arrested Maoist leader, Madanlal Shankar, along with a cultural activist. All the arrested were subjected to severe torture. In Karnataka, Dharam Singh led Coalition government has killed many revolutionaries including popular leader, Saket Rajan and now it is planning to ban all the people's organisations in the state following the Andhra Pradesh way. Bihar Police have recently encircled and killed six Maoists and two villagers during combing operations. They are not allowing even to hold programmes to raise issues like flood and draught. They recently banned one such hall meeting organized at Patna. Jharkhand police raided the officially registered office of Mazdoor Sanghatan Samiti and arrested five mass leaders including the Executive Committee member of RDF, Jeetan Marandy and a trade union leader B.P. Rakshit. Recently the Chhatisgarh government has announced that it would ban in the coming assembly session the CPI (Maoist) and other people's organizations working amongst the adivasis.

More the Repression, More the Resistance


As the repression on already oppressed people increases, it naturally induces the mass resistance against it. When masses are left with no legal and democratic space, they are forced to choose violent means. This is what is exactly happening with the people of Andhra Pradesh and other states. They are fighting back the onslaught employing all possible means. Telangana, Naxalbari and Shrikakulam have shown them the path of liberation and they are rigorously marching on it under the leadership of Maoist revolutionaries. The renewed fascist attack on their movement will not be able to stop this march towards total liberation from oppression, exploitation and state violence which is being perpetrated with impunity. But, it is the time for us to think and decide which side we stand by, either by oppressor of by oppressed, either by ruler or by ruled.

Let us firmly stand by the oppressed people who are waging struggles under the leadership of Maoist forces across the country and join hands with them. Let us strongly condemn and protest against the attack on their rights and support their resistance struggle. Let us observe a Protest Week throughout the country, from 12th September onwards against repression on the revolutionary and democratic movement all over India especially in Andhra Pradesh.

Lift the Ban on Communist Party of India (Maoist) and other Mass Organisations.
Release Revolutionary Writers, Varavara Rao, Kalyan Rao Unconditionally
Release the Political Bureau Member of CPI (Maoist), Sushil Roy and Other Revolutionaries
Stop Killing of Revolutionaries in Fake Encounters
Stop Covert and Combing Operations.
Withdraw All False Cases Filed on Mass Organisations' Activists

Contact: 67A; Rameshwar Nagar, Azadpur, Delhi.
Phone: 011-27675001;

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