Friday, September 02, 2005

Police fury over naxal activities in Pavagada -Andhra borders

DH News Service Tumkur:

Base camps along the Pavagada-Andhra borders provide training and weapons to naxalites who carry out activities in malnad and coastal areas.

Police officer could no more bear the naxal menace in Pavagada and their fury over the naxal base has created tensed atmosphere in the taluk. Pavagada near Tumkur was considered safe place for the naxalites after naxalism was banned in Andhra Pradesh.

History of naxalism in Pavagada dated back to 1970s and it reached its extreme point on 10 February 2005, when the naxalites attacked KSRP 9th betallion in Venkatammanahalli village in Pavagada taluk and killed seven armed policemen and a youth. The maoists have extended their activities to other parts of Karnataka, especially malnad and coastal areas.

“The government has not paid attention to the development of Pavgada taluk and let the government provide food and employment, naxalism will gradually decline” said V S Ugrappa, a Congress leader and MLC. “Pavagada is the base for naxalism that spread across the state and corruption was also main reason for the increasing naxal menace,” he added.

“Preface to naxal activities in Malnad is written in Pavagada,” commented a police officer recently.

It is said that bombs and other ammunition were prepared in the camps situated along Pavgada-Andhra border and whenever the naxalites required guns they attacked police stations. These camps act as store-house of guns and training centre from where the trained naxals go to Malnad and coastal areas, said some police officers who wanted to remain unanimous.

“Here is the centre of naxalism and its tail has stretched to the other end of the state; now, we have to chalk out strategies to eradicate naxalism from its root itself,”opined many officers.

Pavagada, surrounded by hills, is rather conducive to nurture naxalism and a suitable place to produce arms and ammunition secretly. But newly appointed DGP is furious over the issue and even the chief of police in the State has personally witnessed the naxal problems in Tumkur.

Harishekharan, who is appointed District Superintendent of Police in Tumkur hails from Raichur which also suffered naxal menace. Both the police officers are well aware of the nature of the problem as well as geography that nurtured the problem. If they could get rid of the naxal menace in Pavagada, people even in Malnad and coastal areas could find some solace amidst the lustrous green.

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