Sunday, October 09, 2005

Country is facing great threat from naxals: Advani


Alleging that the UPA government at the Centre has totally failed to deliver good governance in its 16 months rule, the BJP today said the internal security of country was under great threat, specially from naxal outfits.

"Naxalism is on its pick. During its 16 months rule the most danger threat that the Government of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh facing is the threat of naxalism," he said addressing a party meeting here.

Claiming credit for "curbing the problem of terrorism to a great extent", Advani said that the NDA government had fought terrorism "boldly".

"We tried to win over the terrorism. We also compelled Pakistan to curb terrorist outfits and succeded in bringing the country into dialogue," he said, adding "today even relation with Bngladesh is not conducive." "We need good governance both at the Centre and in the states," he said.

Maintaining that the greatest achivement of Atal Bihari Vajpayee-led NDA government was the smooth running of a 22-party coalition government at the Centre, the BJP President said the "Prime Minister Manmohan has failed totally in running the coalition government properly". "What is happening with the UPA government. Many people say normally there should be just one PM (Prime Minister). But here we see three PM. First is PM, second is Super PM and the third is CPM," he said, adding "if PM is trying to control the stearing, Super PM is pushing the excelator and the CPM is pulling the break." "Nobody knows where does the UPA government stands. Where it will go and where it will collide. Whenever the Congress and Communist come together always something wrong happens. The emergency comes into the country after both the parties had come into a pact in 1975. It happened afterwards also," Advani said.

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