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Sandeep Pandey : Naxal Terrorist

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Sandeep Pandey is a man of many parts, all of them skin-deep and each one of them carefully and calculatedly crafted to feed his gargantuan appetite for Mammon. American greenback Mammon, that is. He walks, he talks, he writes, he protests – for his version of 'peace', against Indian nukes, for Kashmiri and other terrorists, for the terrorist state of Pakistan, against Coca Cola, against Hindus and their nationalism, for the poor destitute children of India who don't go to school - which fact this Indian, this IIT graduate confesses in an interview to the Milli Gazette, he came to know late in his life, only during his years in the US from a book published by MIT in 1991 titled 'The Child and the State in India'.

Sandeep Pandey has so far picked only those issues for his money-making activism which will keep him in media limelight, and those issues which for the most part resonate like music in the US government establishment, that's for sure; all except Coca Cola. Only the Coca Cola bit is a dead give away about the colour of skin-deep Sandeep's ideology. Skin-deep San-deep's activism is intentionally anti-Hindu and anti-Hindu nation which is why the US, and its client states were willingly deceived into patronizing the man with awards, media attention, with talking tours in foreign universities and with the Magsaysay; but dear Sandeep's activism, far from leaning ideologically towards the West is inclined steeply towards the Left to which fact the US establishment is perhaps only now beginning to open its eyes.

As I said, each one of these many parts of Sandeep Pandey is intended secondarily to make money from anti-national disruptive activism. While these are well crafted money-making parts, the money-making is incidental to their primary role as false hair on the face to disguise him. Sandeep Pandey the pseudo educationist, the pseudo social activist, the pseudo peace activist, the pseudo anti-nuke activist – all of these pseudo beards disguise from public gaze Sandeep Pandey the committed and vocal supporter of Marxist-Leninist Naxalite terrorism. And skin-deep Sandeep is mortally afraid the false beard may fall off and that his Naxal proclivities may come under the US State Department scanner. Now why should that put dear Sandeep Pandey into a blue funk? Thereby hangs a tale – this tale in fact.

America has always nurtured a McCarthian hatred for communism, communists and Russians. This hatred has as much to do with politics and White Christianity as with economics. Even long after Joseph McCarthy, McCarthyism is still alive and kicking within the US, and anti-communist sentiment like White racism's social correctness, is always simmering beneath the surface because that is American political correctness. In short, communism, Marxism, Marxist, Left, Leftist are all dirty words in their public discourse lexicon. But there is another trend that is slowly but more visibly emerging within the US in the last decade.

The disintegration of the Soviet Union, the emergence of the megalomaniac American State as the lone super power, the WTO and its destructive clauses pushing entire nations in Africa and large sections of societies even within developed countries like the US into increasing poverty, the intrusive and bullying ways of the IMF and World Bank, the first Gulf War, the crippling 12 year long economic sanctions against Iraq culminating in the invasion and occupation of Iraq, the war against terror post 9/11 and currently the obscene and even rabid American evangelical churches that inform White House foreign policy – all of which have assumed anti-racial and religious minorities, anti-women, anti-labour and anti-free choice connotations, have triggered a neo-Left movement within the US and given a new impetus to communism which was delivered a near fatal blow when the Soviet Union collapsed and American universities seem to be their new breeding ground.

Marxism, let us not forget, was not born in Russia , which like Turkey is located on a continental/cultural cusp. Marxism was conceived in Europe and like all European thoughts, concepts and constructs without exception – European monarchy, Christianity and the Church, capitalism, Nation-State, democracy and its attendant baggage of Christian values – Marxism too is intolerant, hegemonic and has made conquest of territory and destruction of other ways of life its intrinsic nature. While all competing/conflicting European ideologies fight their war unto death on their own territories, they also carry a decisive part of their war into territories where they both seek supremacy. Asia and Africa have been the battle ground for capitalism/communism, Church/Islam and US/Russia, encapsulating the converging/conflicting basic European interests and ideologies.

The America of today, the White Christian supremacist America of today is Europe's child and Marxism has chosen the US as its battleground, not unlike White Christianity choosing pagan Rome as its battleground and finally setting up its empire in Rome itself. The Indian Left is a significant mover and shaker in this direction and the Indian Left, as represented by comrade Vijay Parshad, Akhila Raman, Angana Chatterji and Sandeep Pandey and his acolytes, deriving their inspiration from the professional American Dissenter par excellence, Noam Chomsky, has penetrated and entrenched itself in very large and potentially disruptive numbers in American universities. It is delicious irony but not surprising at all that Marxism, intellectually powered by the Indian and American Left in the US, is raising its head making its come back from the very womb of its arch enemy and empowered in its world-wide resurrection in no small measure by the US dollar.

Sandeep Pandey's ASHA raising close to four million dollars from inside the US is no small indicator of the Left rising from the dead. The other big indicators are the mammoth anti-WTO demonstrations in Seattle, the anti-war protests by millions of Americans who took to the streets following the invasion and occupation of Iraq, the anti-IMF and World Bank protestors growing by the year, the mammoth annual gathering of NGOs and other activists at the World Social Forum – these are the big indicators of the gathering storm within the US and the storm clouds are spreading over Latin America, over Asia and over Africa through these annual communist conventions. Making the storm more menacing for the Left-hating US is the quiet but increasing assertiveness of Russia's Putin in international politics, and the steady march of communist China as a global economic and military power. And closer to home the US has Hugo Chavez and the immortal Fidel Castro as insulting irritants of an enemy who will simply not go away.

The US (read CIA) has a long history of creating and feeding monsters which then turn upon their creator. Let us not forget again, these monsters are initially created by the US to disrupt their native societies, nations and governments in its quest for new territories to control or created like the Afghan Mujahideen (a part of which later went on to becoming the Taliban) to fight its celestial war with communism. The Indian Left in American universities is one such Frankenstein waiting to happen. And that is why Sandeep Pandey is in a blue funk about his Naxal terrorism leanings. For one, if the US State Department were to wizen up to his communist credentials, questions are sure to be asked about ASHA, its chapters in the US, its presence in American universities, Sandeep Pandey's and ASHA's connections with AID, AID's chapters in the US, and the nature of funds being raised by ASHA and AID for Sandeep Pandey's disruptive activism at home. The next step for the American government would be to track down the individual and institutional donors within the US and Europe. The third step would be to put these persons - students, Assistant Professors and Professors in American universities under the scanner and have their cover blown which in turn could jeopardize their profitable careers in the US. The last and inevitable step would be to clamp down on dear Sandeep's sources of funds from the US . Futuristic? Sure, but not improbable considering both AID and ASHA are endorsed by Charity Monitor and also considering that the Patriot Act of 2001 places charities that receive American money under its scanner to make sure that Americans don't contribute funds to charities that may be fronts for terrorists and terrorist organizations and to make sure that persons supporting terrorist groups do not use American for fund raising activities.

It is these fears which compels skin-deep Sandeep to go to great lengths to keep his pseudo beard on his chin – to keep his Left, and worse, his Naxal leanings a secret from the US government. The possibility of adverse media attention and the possibility of the US immigration doing to him what they did to another Indian Leftist, Ramachandra Guha, which will put paid to his luxurious five star activism bankrolled by American dollars must be giving dear Sandeep sleepless nights.

Let us look at a short but revealing time-line in dear Sandeep's life.

2002 – Ramon Magsaysay Award in Emerging Leadership Category

2002 – Sandeep Pandey refuses the US 50,000$ purse which comes with the award (Now why would he do that?)

November 2002 – Sandeep Pandey participates in the Seventh Congress of the CPI (ML) in Bihar

October 2004 – Sandeep Pandey through an acolyte in Princeton issues several clarifications among which he denies any links with the Left

The Magsaysay awards in different categories are constituted by the Rockefeller Brothers Foundation and a substantial part of the cash component is funded by the Ford Foundation (FF). The Indian Left has always been strongly critical of the FF because it believes that the Ford Foundation, which it claims is consciously infiltrated by the CIA ( Click),
set up shop in India even in Nehru's time only to avert a very possible communist take over of the country after Nehru's death; this the FF set out to do by investing heavily in rural development, in the green revolution and over time in NGOs as part of Ford's "Asset Building and Community Development Program", which "supports efforts to reduce poverty and injustice by helping to build the financial, natural, social, and human assets of low-income individuals and communities." This was a brazen and brilliant move by the FF and the CIA to hoist the communists by their own petard. This was a classic case of hijacking an entire agenda, an entire constituency, an entire social movement to neutralize Indian communism. Neutralising Indian communism in the immediate aftermath of the end of colonial rule was only a small battle in its celestial war with the Soviet Union, let us remember.

And that is why Indian communists and communists of the world nurture this implacable hatred for the Ford Foundation - for the sin of thwarting a grand communist revolution in Brazil and India. The FF New Delhi office webpage claims that "At the invitation of Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, the Foundation established an office in India in 1952." In fact Chester Bowles, US ambassador to India from 1951, initiated the process. Like the rest of the US foreign policy establishment, Bowles was profoundly shocked at the "loss" of China (ie the nationwide coming to power of the communists in 1949). Linked to this was his acute worry at the inability of the Indian army to suppress the communist-led peasant armed struggle in Telangana (1946-51) "until the communists themselves changed their programme of violence". Indian peasants expected that now, with the British Raj gone, their long-standing demand for land to the tiller would be implemented, and that pressure continued everywhere in India even after the withdrawal of the Telangana struggle.

Bowles wrote to Paul Hoffman, then president of FF: "The conditions may improve in China while the Indian situation remains stagnant.... If such a contrast developed during the next four or five years, and if the Chinese continued their moderate and plausible approach without threatening the northern Indian boundary.... the growth of communism in India might be very great. The death or retirement of Nehru might then be followed by a chaotic situation out of which another potentially strong communist nation might be born."

The New Delhi office was soon set up, and according to the Ford Foundation, this was the Foundation's first program outside the United States, and the New Delhi office remains the largest of its field office operations". It also covers Nepal and Sri Lanka. Bowles writes that "Under the leadership of Douglas Ensminger, the Ford staff in India became closely associated with the Planning Commission which administers the Five Year Plan. Wherever there was a gap, they filled it, whether it was agricultural, health education or administration. They took over, financed and administered the crucial village-level worker training schools." (Aspects of Indian Economy )

"There is a sophisticated and comprehensive strategy worked out in imperialist quarters to harness the forces of voluntary agencies/action groups to their strategic design to penetrate Indian society and influence its course of development. It is the imperialist ruling circles which have provided through their academic outfits the political and ideological basis for the outlook of a substantial number of these proliferating groups in India. By providing liberal funds to these groups, imperialism has created avenues to penetrate directly vital sections of Indian society and simultaneously use this movement as a vehicle to counter and disrupt the potential of the Left movement.... The CPI(M) and the Left forces have to take serious note of this arm of imperialist penetration while focussing on the instruments and tactics of imperialism. An ideological offensive to rebut the philosophy propagated by these groups is urgently necessary as it tends to attract petty bourgeois youth imbued with idealism." (pp 2-3) (Prakash Karat in an article in The Marxist. titled Foreign Funding and the Philosophy of Voluntary Organisations, 1988)

The Indian Left is therefore extremely hostile to the FF and its 'imperialist intentions' in India. But the communists had learnt an important lesson – the urgent need to start their own flourishing industry in NGO activism which would give their socially disruptive anti-Hindu activism a fa├žade of respectability. Sandeep Pandey is one (in)famous example of communists venturing into NGO activism. Sandeep Pandey's communist nexus begins to unravel itself when, within months of accepting the Magsaysay award in 2002, he announces to the world that he will be returning the money component of the award worth 50,000 US$ because, he says, having called the US a terrorist state he cannot very well be receiving money from any American organization. It is obvious now that the communists used Sandeep Pandey and the Magsaysay award to deliver their first punch at the 'imperialist' US and the Ford Foundation. Needless to say dear Sandeep could afford to sniff at 50,000$ because he was making more than a couple of million dollars with his false beards in the US.

Returning the Magsaysay money could have been dismissed as usual Sandeep Pandey theatrical grandstanding except that the Indian communists find their moment of sweet revenge to deliver their second knock-out punch at the Ford Foundation; and this time the World Social Forum was the context. The Indian communists did to the FF what they claim the FF did to them in the 1950s – hijack the World Social Forum from the Ford Foundation and thus hijack an entire American/European agenda, an entire constituency of NGO activists and their beneficiaries, who had been created and funded by the Ford Foundation, the UN and several North American, European and Scandinavian governments and quasi government and non-government organizations, intended to render hors-de-combat any communist pretensions for a comeback. The 'celestial war' between capitalism and communism is once again gathering momentum and India seems to be their chosen battle ground this time with Hindus who view them both with equal suspicion becoming their combined target.

In keeping with its agenda to thwart the communists of the world from staging any more great communist revolutions in any continent (and the WTO had created a fertile soil for such revolutions), the Ford Foundation was one among the major contributors of funds for the World Social Forum which convened for the first time in Porto Alegre in Brazil in 2001. For three consecutive years the World Social Forum held its annual conventions in Porto Alegre and so buoyed up were the organizers with the response that in 2003 alone they organized an Argentina Social Forum meet in Buenos Aires, a European Social Forum in Florence, a Palestine Thematic Forum in Ramallah (on "negotiated solutions for conflicts"), an Asian Social Forum in Hyderabad, and an African Social Forum in Addis Ababa. The penetration and the take-over of the World Social Forum by the communists of the world was complete by 2003; and in 2003, the Brazilian Organising Committee and the International Council issue a triumphant war cry and decide to hold the next WSF gathering not in Brazil, but in India.

One of the principal organizing forces behind the Mumbai WSF meet in January 2004 were the two major communist parties of India – the CPI and the CPI(M) and the NAPM an umbrella organization for all NGOs affiliated to these parties or owing allegiance to the communist ideology. And the first decision taken by the Indian Organizing Committee was to reject western sources of funds for the WSF, notably the Ford Foundation. In the words of Lisa Jordan of the FF, " We are not supporting this year's forum because the Indian Organising Committee (IOC), which represents a comprehensive attempt to bring together a large cross-section of Indian society, includes some groups who have objected to Ford's activities in India since 1953 – especially support for the Green Revolution in the 1960s and 1970s. They feel that contributions made by the Ford Foundation helped to prevent India from undergoing communist revolution. In the beginning the idea for the WSF in India had been for a very broad funding base with Ford , Britain's department for international development (DfID), the MacArthur Foundation, the European Union and others. But in the end, the IOC chose not to seek funding from any of these".

The revenge of the communists was complete and the Ford Foundation and the CIA not to mention the foreign intelligence agencies of other European countries which would have been present at the WSF in Mumbai would have made a detailed observation of Indian participants and their current countries of domicile, which information they are sure to use at payback time. The National Alliance for Peoples Movements (NAPM) of which Sandeep Pandey is the national convenor was present in great strength in Mumbai and questions are probably being raised within the US about who funded these organizations and who bank-rolled the participants. Sandeep Pandey has every reason to be in a blue funk for reasons stated in the beginning because in October 2004, he is forced to deny communist/naxalite links, he is compelled to resign as trustee of ASHA and he is also forced to offer the explanation that he never used ASHA funds for his 'other' activities and that he has generally passed the hat around to people who have supported his political ambitions.

"My ideology: Gandhian, Humanitarian (Im not a leftist, I have till date not read a single word of left literature. Moreover, I would not have got magsaysay if I was a leftist or a naxalite because President Magsaysay, the former President of Phillipines, in whose name the award is given, was staunchly anti-left and the award is not given to anybody with a left leaning ? this is probably the strongest argument to counter the label of 'left' which has been put on me; actually, by labeling me as a leftist it is easier for the rightist to criticize me because they cannot condemn me as a Gandhian as easily". (


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Excellent expose of Sandeep Pandey. "Chor ki daadi mein tinka". Hopefully this US hater will not be allowed in US again.

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what a brilliant piece. exposes your own xenophobia to anything and everything that you choose not to believe in. thank you for the enlightenment. do keep up the good work.