Thursday, October 13, 2005

West Bengal : Maoists create terror waves

Nani Gopal Pal
in Bandwan

Oct. 13 — Maoists carried out another strike successfully on 4 October when a strong group of armed Naxal activists cautioned the police not to harm the villagers who are mostly innocent, at Gurpana village in Bandwan of Purulia.
The Maoists blew up a police camp which was under construction and warned the villagers not to participate in the construction works. They threatened the police also.

The Purulia administration which initially thought the incident as a “cracker-blast” realised later that the police camp was blown up by the Maoists. Mr Mukul Kanti Sarkar, district magistrate, Purulia, said that although the superintendent of police had rushed to the spot the situation was not alarming.
But Mr Rangaswami Sivkumar, SP of Purulia termed the situation “horrible.” Maoists did not fortunately strike the base camp where a large contingent of armed police force was stationed to combat the insurgents.

They left the area by warning the policemen. One Maoist who was arrested and sent to a correctional home said that the operation had been carried out to caution the police.
The Maoists are now threatening the villagers also who were engaged in constructing the police outpost there. They asked the villagers not to cooperate with the police
In spite of all hazards, armed police vowed to complete the construction of police camp by bringing the workers from other places.

A section of police is doubtful whether they can bring the workers from other villages to complete the outpost at Gurpana in Bandwan.
Meanwhile top police officials of West Bengal and Jharkhand held a conference at an unknown place in Bandwan of Purulia to tackle Maoists’ latest technology. The objective of the meeting was to thwart the Maoist attacks in Purulia, Bankura and Midnapore (West).

Three IGs of police (West Bengal), Mr Chayan Mukherjee, Mr Anil Kumar and Mr Sadhan Mondal, along wih some DIGs and SPs of WB and Jharkhand attended the meeting . A joint team of WB and Jharkhand continued the search operations in Chakma Makuli and Lakaisin.

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