Monday, October 10, 2005

The who’s who of Left-wing extremism

[ MONDAY, OCTOBER 10, 2005 01:14:21 AM]

At present, there are nearly 10 self-proclaimed ‘ultra-Left’ outfits. However, except may be three or four, others have hardly anything to do with ideology. They can safely be qualified as ‘extortionists’ or ‘private armies’. Among the more important and ferocious Left wingers are: Peoples War Group, Maoist Communist Centre, People’s Guerrilla Army, and CPI (ML) People’s War.

Maoist Communist Centre: One of the most dreaded Naxalite outfits having major activities in Bihar and Jharkhand was formed by Kanhai Chatterjee and Amulya Sen on October 20, 1969. It has many massacres, particularly that of the upper castes, to its ‘credit’. The MCC has an ongoing battle on with the Ranvir Sena, a kind of a private army of ‘landlords and people belonging to upper castes’. It is also feared by traders and businessmen in Bihar. The MCC fathers various affiliates such as Mazdoor Mukti Sangh, Naari Mukti Sangh, Krantikari Chhatra League, Krantikari Sanskritik Sangh, Communist Yuva League and Krantikari Budhijivi Sangh.

CPI (ML) People’s War: Like its elder brother, the MCC, this one is also active mainly in Bihar. Formerly known as CPI (ML) Party Unity it came into being in 1978 under N Prasad. However, it merged itself with PWG in 1999. Like the MCC, it also has various organisations such as Nari Mukti Sangharsh Samiti, Democratic Students Union, Bharat Naujawan Sabha Mazdoor Kisan Sangram Parishad, Shramik Sangharsh Manch and Jharkhand Mazdoor Kisan Sangram Parishad under its control.

Peoples War Group: Set up by the fiery Kondapalli Seetharamaiah (KS) on April 22, 1980, the PWG is the most powerful Naxalite force. Mainly active in Andhra Pradesh, it is believed to have 55 squads holding significant clout in 12 of the state’s 23 districts. It also has a presence in border areas of Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. More than 300 political leaders, belonging to the Telugu Desam, Congress, BJP, CPI and CPM besides rich traders, have been killed by the PWG in the last 10 years in various parts of the state including Telangana.

People’s Guerrilla Army: This one takes inspiration from the People’s Liberation Army of Peru. The PGA came into being as a wing of the PWG on December 2, ‘00. Unlike the PWG, that has some social agenda, the PGA’s aim is to counter India’s security forces’ offensive against Naxalites. It’s main area of operations is Dandakaranaya that has parts of AP, Maharashtra, MP and Orissa. The relatively young outfit also has branches in parts of Bihar, Jharkhand and North Telangana.

Other ultra Left wing organisations are CPI (ML) Liberation, CPI (ML) Red Flag, CPI (ML) Santi Pal Group, CPI (ML) Provisional Central Committee, CPI (ML) Jansakti, CPI (ML) ND and others.

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