Sunday, December 04, 2005

CRPF to have people from Naxal-affected area

- By Pramod Kumar

New Delhi, Dec. 3: In its effort to check increasing Naxal violence in the country, Centre has now started recruiting people from Naxal affected areas in the Central Police Forces. A total of 29,000 people from Naxal affected areas were recruited in 2004.

In his reply to a question in the Lok Sabha, Union minister of state in the ministry of home affairs Sriprakash Jaiswal recently said "With a view to wean away the youth from the path of violence by providing them gainful employment, government has earmarked certain quota of vacancies in the Central Police Forces to be filled from Naxal affected states."

The number of vacancies for constable allotted to Naxal affected states are 18,241 in the year 2005-06. Uttar Pradesh has the maximum number of vacancies (3,066) for constable allotted to Naxal affected areas. In Andhra Pradesh, the government has allotted a total of 2,943 vacancies for constables in the CRPF for Naxal affected areas only. In Bihar also government has allotted 2,805 vacancies for constables for the Naxal affected areas.

Talking to this correspondent a high ranking official in the Union home ministry said "The government is alive to the menace of Naxalism and will deal firmly with the Naxalities indulging in senseless acts of violence. The government remains committed to combating this problem through a multi-pronged approach on political, security and development fronts. And this is the reason why the government decided to recruit people from Naxal affected areas in the Central Police Forces."

He further said "The government has been providing all possible assistance to the affected states to enhance their capabilities to deal with this problem from both security and development angles. Centre has also asked the states to ensure more focused, sustained and intensified intelligence driven operations against the Naxalities and their infrastructure.

Meanwhile, the home ministry has credible information that Naxals are trying to set up base in certain parts of Uttaranchal. Intelligence inputs also confirm that Naxals are trying to set up a compact revolutionary zone (CRZ), spreading from Nepal through Bihar to Andhra Pradesh. "Despite strenuous efforts by the security forces, there has been no let-up in the effectuation of CRZ with the gaps in north Bihar and north Chhattisgarh being steadily plugged by the Naxalite outfits to link up their strongholds in Dandakaranya with those in Bihar or Jharkhand," sources said.

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