Monday, December 05, 2005

Member of Central Military Commission of the Maoist group arrested

‘Rebel’ plots assault map

Ranchi/Jamshedpur, Dec. 4: The police today clarified they have arrested only one member of the think-tank of the CPI (Maoist), ending the confusion doing the rounds that they have arrested two top guns.

West Singhbhum superintendent of police Navin Kumar Singh said Tirtha Das, an active member of the Central Military Commission of the Maoist group who was arrested yesterday from the district, was known by many names, Navin Bhattacharya, being just one of them. Sources said the man had refused to admit to having any links with the Naxalites, arguing that he had come to the area for a trekking expedition.

Sources claimed Das is cracking during interrogation and has already disclosed some startling facts. Following this, the Chaibasa police have sent an e-mail to their counterparts in Calcutta.
“We have contacted the West Bengal police for details of his past life and whereabouts in West Bengal,” said a police officer in Chaibasa, the headquarters of West Singhbhum. Navin Singh said Das was arrested from the Porahat forest area, a part of the Saranda range, only hours after he had reached Chaibasa.

Das has also revealed names of political leaders and “respectable” persons of West Bengal who sympathise as well as actively take part with the Naxalite movement, said the sources.

“We are sure about the fact that he is a big shot in the central committee of the ultra-Left organisation. The man has also come up with certain important facts during interrogation,” said Singh.

Police sources said Das has talked about many proposed meetings of the group in different parts of the state. “A lot of pamphlets and Naxalite literature has been recovered from him,” the sources added.

“Also he has talked about the new plan that includes the targeting of the police and government buildings in cities and smaller towns of the state,”
said an official.

With the red brigade celebrating the “foundation day” of the People’s Guerrilla Liberation Army (PGLA), the extremist groups operating in Palamau are also following a similar strategy. “They have decided to target the police, administration and the government set-up. This may include a small city, block or a subdivision,” said an official. According to the sources, the police have caught on with the fact that the Maoists are working on a plan to convert the PGLA to People’s Liberation Army.

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