Sunday, December 04, 2005

Stolen firearms recovered, 4 arrested

[ Sunday, December 04, 2005 02:17:14 amTIMES NEWS NETWORK ]

PATNA: In a swift action, the Patna police on Saturday morning recovered all the 62 guns and rifles stolen from an arms shop near Hathwa Market and arrested four persons in this connection.

Those foursome arrested are — Md Chand, Anand Jaiswal (of Dujra locality), Shams Tavrez and Dharmendra (both residents of Mahendru). They are part of a nine-member gang.

The police are on the lookout for the absconding members, including kingpin Ravi, of the gang. Senior SP Kundan Krishnan denied that the arrested persons had links with any Naxal outfit and private army.

On the basis of the initial interrogation he said that the gangsters had nothing to do with the dreaded Pandav gang, which was said to be behind the theft. He also said the firearms were stolen purely because of monetary reasons.

A special team, comprising Kadamkuan and Kotwali police stations OCs Ramakant Prasad and Ajay Kumar respectively, which had been formed to crack this case, first zeroed in on Tavrez.

In course of interrogation on Friday night, Tavrez disclosed everything to the police. On the basis of the disclosures, the police raided a house near the Beur Central Jail in the city early on Saturday.

The raiding party was delighted to find the entire lot of stolen firearms stacked in a room. While the police arrested three members of the gang from the house, the houseowner and kingpin of the gang, however, managed to escape.

The arrested gangsters said the firearms were to be sold off to prospective buyers in other states.

The police said that Dharmendra and Md Chand had earlier been jailed for carrying illegal arms and also for committing a robbery in the state capital.

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