Friday, December 09, 2005

Strengthen intelligence network at local level: Patil

New Delhi, Dec 8 (PTI) Government today said the intelligence network has to be strengthened right from the grassroot level to tackle terrorism and naxalism, apart from ensuring socio-economic and political justice.
Replying to a discussion in the Lok Sabha on terrorist and naxal attacks in the country recently, including the October serial blasts in Delhi and naxal attacks at Jehanabad last month, Home Minister Shivraj Patil said existing laws were adequate to handle all kinds of cases and thus POTA was not required.

"If POTA is not there, it will not make any change," he said, and pointed out that terrorist incidents occurred even when POTA was in force.

Patil, who appreciated the suggestions made by various members to improve internal security in the country, said there was a need to strengthen intelligence network even at the grassroot level to pre-empt terrorist activities.

"The best remedy is intelligence," he said, and emphasised that the set-up needs to be strengthened at state- and local-level units.

"This (network) has to be developed by the local police," he said.

Also, the Minister said the government was considering to install TV camera recorders in sensitive areas and cities. "However, this is yet to be worked out," he said.PTI

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