Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Village Naxal poser murdered by NAXALS

Jharkhand at a Glance

Jamshedpur: Chandil police, on Monday, recovered the body of a tribal youth, Bholaram Oraon, suspected to have been killed by extremists late Sunday night. District police sources suspect that a group of eight armed rebels had visited Oraon’s residence at Raidih village late Saturday night.
Later, villagers found his body at the side of Chowk-Chandil Road early Sunday morning. His throat was slit and there were bullet marks on his body.

Sources added that Oraon had a criminal background and had eight cases to his name at the Chandil police station. “Although our investigations are on, we do not think rebels have killed him. The murder could be fall out of personal enmity,” the Chandil police claimed.

But district police insiders admitted that they suspect the rebels. Apparently, they have the information that Oraon was misusing the Naxalite name to collect levy and terrorise the locals for quite some time now.

“The feedback that we received from villagers was that the killers had come in army fatigues. Moreover, the victim had put up posters on behalf of the rebels warning villagers of dire consequences if they did not pay levy. These type of activities might have irked the rebels,” a senior police official commented.

Meanwhile, the rebel leader, Naveen Bhattacharjee, who was arrested by the west Singhbhum police on Saturday, has revealed names of many sympathisers from urban areas of West Bengal involved in Naxalite activity.

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