Thursday, December 08, 2005

What is wrong , if we call Terrorists ' BROTHERS AND SISTERS' -- HOME MINISTER

``They [the naxalites] are our brothers and sisters. What is wrong if we call those who are born in India as our brothers and sisters? They could be angry, they could be misled. But one should not conclude that they should be tackled only with bullets,'' --

Hon Minister of Home Affairs , Responsible for Internal Security


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Anonymous said...

Mr. Patil ask those who have lost loved ones.
Also Mr. Patil in the Land of the Law (I presume India is not an anarchy) just because one is "angry" does not give them RIGHT to be violent.
So the Congress, Congress government and Communist (read Commie BAST#$DS) should spend time and energy 'implementing' the law rather than finding excuses for people who donot respect law. Mr.Patil's statement is an insult to law abiding citizens of India