Thursday, April 07, 2005

Army to help draw up anti-Naxal strategy

DH News Service New Delhi:

A training school has been specially set up with army help in Chhattisgarh to tackle the Naxalite problem plaguing the state.

The army is likely to extend its support to the police and paramilitary forces for a strategy to deal with gun-totting Naxalites in 12 states extending from the south up to the Nepal border.

“The issue has been discussed at the army commanders conference. We have analysed the state of extremism in the Naxal corridor from Andhra Pradesh to Bihar to forest areas along the Nepal border. We are in touch with the Ministry of Home Affairs,” Army Chief Gen J J Singh told reporters at the conclusion of the commander’s conference.

In what may be an initial step, the army has allowed one of its retired brigadier’s and a few junior commissioned officers to train the police and paramilitary forces in a school in Chhattisgarh. The training school has been specially created with the intention of tackling the Naxalite problem plaguing the state.


On the Kashmir issue, Gen Singh said the infrastructure for terrorist camps are still in place in Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK) though no cases of infiltration have been reported in the last month. But the real situation can be assessed only in summer when the snow melts.

Asked about the reasons for the dip in infiltration, Gen Singh attributed it to a combination of reasons. “It is a combination of better positioning, availability of night vision devices to the soldiers, border fencing and heavy snowing that has led to the decrease in infiltration,” he said.

Infiltrators earlier used to travel at night. But with night vision devices available to soldiers now it is difficult for them to cross over, the army chief said adding after a long time he was seeing smiles on the faces of Kashmiris.

Elaborating on the army’s upgradation and modernisation plans, Gen Singh said 130 mm artillery would be replaced with 155 mm guns. Moreover, the T-72 tanks would be fitted with best night vision and fire fighting capabilities. Advanced radio sets for longer range with features like frequency hopping and secrecy capabilities would also be procured.

For testing some of the new concepts envisaged in the new war doctrine, the army will be holding two divisional level exercises in Punjab and Rajasthan in April-May. While one exercise would be on offensive strategies, the second would be on a defensive approach, he said.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Naxals and Congress : Pre-Poll agreement exposed

AP-Naxal talks collapse as mediators pull out

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NEW DELHI: The Naxalite-government talks in Andhra Pradesh appears to have collapsed with three Naxalite interlocutors — Varavara Rao, Gadar and Kalyana Rao — pulling out of the negotiations. “It is very clear that the Congress government has slammed the doors on the talks process and started implementing fascist policies. It’s talk of continuing the negotiations is a farce,” three Maoist leaders said in a statement.

The statement comes after CPI (Maoist) and other extremist organisations on January 17 announced their withdrawal from peace talks protesting against “fake police encounters and combing operations”. Stating that over 80 Naxalites and their sympathisers had been killed in encounters since January this year and the state and central governments were preparing for a “full-scale offensive” against Naxalite organisations, the emissaries alleged that a conspiracy was being hatched in certain political circles to foist false cases against them.

The Naxal emissaries had played a key role in the first ever direct talks between Andhra Pradesh government and Maoist leaders in October last year. However, the peace talks ran into rough weather with the government insisting on Maoists laying down arms while the Naxalite organisations asserting their right to carry weapons saying it was an integral part of the revolutionary movement.

That there was a pre-election agreement between the Congress and the Maoists was revealed by the emissaries. “Before elections, they had promised to hold unconditional talks with Naxalites but after the first round they changed their track and suddenly came up with the condition that Maoists must lay down arms.”

A significant section of the security establishment and the political process have been opposing the Andhra talks as other Naxal-affected states have been in the frame. Naxalite activities are now spread over 155 districts of AP, Jharkhand, Bihar, Chattisgarh and Maharashtra. They are of the view that it should not be treated as a mere law and order problem.

AP Naxals walk out on peace

Rested, AP Naxals walk out on peace


Posted online: Tuesday, April 05, 2005 at 0133 hours IST

HYDERABAD, NEW DELHI, APRIL 4: Rested and re-equipped, Andhra Naxalites today made it clear they were no longer interested in talks with the YSR Reddy government which had shackled its own police squads chasing the Left wing extremists.

With the Naxal leadership back in safe havens, the emissaries hit out at the Congress government in the state and announced that they too were pulling out of talks.


‘‘It is very clear that the Congress government has slammed the doors on talks process and started implementing fascist policies. Its talk of continuing negotiations is a farce,’’ Maoist emissaries Varavara Rao, Gadar and Kalyan Rao said in a statement in Hyderabad.

The statement comes after the CPI (Maoist) and other extremist organisations announced on January 17 that they were withdrawing from the peace talks in protest against ‘‘fake police encounters and combing operations’’.

‘‘We also understand that moves are on to impose a ban on Maoist organisations in eight states where the Naxalite movement is strong,’’ the emissaries said today.

What the emissaries didn’t say and what the Centre doesn’t like to admit is that there has been an ominous rise of Left wing extremism in 76 districts in nine states. Police in every state have been warning their governments that the situation is fast spinning out of control.

North Block’s own documents show that the number of incidents this year (until March 15) total 405 as opposed to 346 that took place during the same period last year. The number of policemen killed has climbed to 43 as against 16 for the same period in 2004.

In Andhra Pradesh, civilian casualties— in other states combating Naxalism, it has reduced somewhat from 109 to 87— have risen: from 39 in 2004 to 51 this year.

The surge in violence has left the Andhra police with no other option except go after the Maoists. According to senior AP police officials, the withdrawal of Naxalite emissaries from the talks has more to do with their fear of being targeted by their own cadres who are under pressure from the police.

‘‘We will engage the Naxalites so that the law and order situation in the state does not deteriorate. To us, upholding the rule of law is bigger priority than a peace dialogue,’’ a senior state police official said.

• Good job YSR, Sonia

When taking decision on Naxalite problem the YSR and UPA govt should consult a KINDER GARTEN KID better than your bueurocrats !

I am wondering how many years need for the stupid people of India to realise the ANTI NATIONAL plans of UPA ?

Wait and see.

More fireworks coming in Kashmir. Pakistan done with the break and they ready to play again.

The only remining agenda of cong in post independent India is to disintegrate the country to pieces.

The loose decisions of cong and its leaders done it in 1947. Indias hope to be super power in 2020. It would better review the history of Super power USSR. If it can happen to USSR so easy . . . Painful

Posted by: Sam from NY, United States, 05-04-2005 at 2331 hours IST

• Reminds me of Bollywood

This sounds like typical Bollywood flick (Satya for instance). Corrupt politician using a criminal for winning the elections and later getting him killed in an encounter. YSR and Naxalites both deserve to die. I am glad police finally revolted and retaliated. These Naxalites should be wiped of from the face of India.

Posted by: Anand, United States, 05-04-2005 at 1947 hours IST

• Naidu was better

Naidu was better in dealing with naxalites,atleast he had a stand on issues,he was against naxalite violence and he stuck to it.But that is not the case with YSR,he promises everything and has not deleivered until now.
A message to Naxalites:Please do not destory public property,it is the public who are at loss !!!!

Posted by: Pramod Kuamr, India, 05-04-2005 at 1558 hours IST

• need for accountability

Is it only a shortsightedness and a foolhardy notion of a government in hurry for eternal fame that the ongoing offensive against the naxals were reined in or is there more sinister motive that lurks behind? Time is ripe for a full scale investigation on why governments nee politicos and their cohorts - the babus always allow breathing space to extremists when the security forces manage to corner them and seem to zero on them. We have seen this happen in case of Veerappan and now we see the naxals benefiting. Who will be responsible for the innocents’ deaths that may happen now? Why media is strangely silent?

Posted by: d.chatterjee, India, 05-04-2005 at 1550 hours IST

• Well dne Andhra police !

The Naxalite problem in Andhra is the creation of Congress party led by YSR for which no price was too great to win the last elections, whether it be to seek PWG’s electoral support or pleading the case for Telengana. It would be recalled that YSR had reciprocated PWG’s favour by lifting the ban on it the day he came to power which immediately led to formation of CPI (Maoist), a pan-Indian wing of the outfit which is out to destabilise the Nepal. To impress West, out UPA Govt. foolishly criticised the King of Nepal for imposing emergency to take on this outlawed body and went to the extent of stopping supply of arms to Nepal. It forgot that US had taken leave of its commitment to democracy by helping the uniformed dictator of Pakistan to crush Al Qaeda.. Now, for coming down heavily on the Maoists we would give credit for it to the Andhra police. YSR not restrain it any more for fear of revolt. The police have painfully realised that the politicians have gained at the cost of the precious lives of its cadres. But what is the UPA Govt. doing to deal with this country-wide menace and what is the role of the Left parties, the main prop of the Govt. ?

Posted by: Sharad C. Misra, India, 05-04-2005 at 0530 hours IST

• Shame on You!

Again and again Congress govt proves themselves to be cowards...!

Posted by: Steven, United States, 05-04-2005 at 0459 hours IST