Friday, May 12, 2006

Security in Nalanda Tight in the Wake of Naxal Threat

Patna: May 12, 2006

Following threats to blow up a number of police stations from the Maoist terrorists, the district administration has heightened security in and around Nalanda district, Superintendent of Police (SP) Amit Kumar said on Thursday.

The Naxalites had, on Wednesday, issued a threat to blow up police stations in Islampur, Karaiparsarai, Hilsa, and Islampur in Nalanda district prompting the Nitish government to act swiftly and dispatch the required reinforcement to tackle any situation.

In the last few months, despite Chief Minister Nitish Kumar's attempt to win over the Naxal extremists in the state by offering them attractive rehabilitative incentives, the ultras, instead have intensified their violent activities in Patna, Gaya, Aurangabad, Nawada, and Jehanabad districts.

With the onslaught on Jehanabad jail last November, the government is leaving nothing to chance in the wake of the latest Naxal threat.

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