Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Tribals will wipe the Naxals out this summer

Mahendra Karma, Chhattisgarh Leader of Opposition and the brain behind Salva Judum

Do you think it is a good idea to pit tribals against armed Maoists?

Naxalism is against the Constitution and our system, it is anti-democratic, it needs to be fought. They have been operating in this area for more than 25 years. They have very progressive slogans but in actual fact, they have brought life to a standstill. Tribals are angry because their livelihood has been snatched away. They have risen in battle themselves, we are merely helping them. I did not start Salva Judum, it is a natural revolt of the tribals against Naxal terror.

May 13 , 2006

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Manish Kunjaam, CPI leader from Bastar

You have been an mla from this region, you are leftwing, what is your view of Naxalite operations in Bastar?

Nobody can support what the Naxalites have been doing. We have huge differences with their strategy and tactics. They need to be tackled and neutralised, but not in the way the government is doing. There are serious problems that the Naxalites are exploiting, they have to be addressed. I agree there is a policing aspect to the solution, but much more needs to be done which the government is not interested in doing.

May 13 , 2006

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