Thursday, July 06, 2006

The case of Narayan Sanyal and PUCL

Narayan Sanyal is the real name of Vijay, who is one of the top leaders of the CPI(Maoist). 70 year old Narayan alias Vijay has been evading arrest since last 40 years and considered as the thinking brain behind most of the naxal attacks, including the outrageous Jehanabad jail attack and the bid on the life of ex-CM of AP, M Chandrababu Naidu. Narayan was a strong beleiver in the unity of all maoist organizations, and was instrumental in the aquisition of MCC by PWG and formation of CPI(Maoist). He was also instrumental in preserving the violent character of the movement, and it was on his personal instructions that maoist are so brutal on anyone they suspect to be a police informer. He is said to be personally involved in the brutal beheading of around 20 villagers in Talimendrion village of Dantewada in 2001 because they participated in a government sponsored pulse polio drive for their children which the maoists had forbidden.

The Long Dark Tea Time of the Soul: The case of Narayan Sanyal and PUCL

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