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Enter the Mind-boggling World of Avid Bloggers

By Viju Mangalore - Daijiworld.com

Jul 4, 2006

Mangalore: I go ‘fishing’ everyday. I fish for old friends, school and college mates, create new friends, fight battles on issues and its all fun. My playground cum battleground is the Internet. Yes, I am an avid blogger.

It’s now become a trend to operate an Internet blog, which is a free space equivalent to a website. It’s a dream for the internet-savvy youth of today to create a mark on the World Wide Web.

While most bloggers belong to the younger generation, there are a few elderly adventurous ones who would not hesitate to ‘give it a try.’

If you have got the hang of using a computer and can effort to pay the internet bills and have time to click on to some fun then you are a potential blogger.

In phase one, you would require to christening your blog. Imaginations can go wild in the name game. If you are sure of the topic or the theme of your creation, naming it would not be a hassle.

Check out the-never-ending-road.blogspot.com. Unique though it sounds, it contains road journeys by an enthusiastic biker. The author is of the firm belief that the journey of life is long and the path unknown. Thus in his journal, he pens down parts of his road experiences, opinions, travels and photographs to be shared with the world.

Travelogues are a common theme picked up by bloggers. The motorcycle-diaries.blogspot.com another blog on similar lines is influenced by Ernesto Guevara de la Serna and his Motorcycle Diaries. The yesterdaysontheroad.blogspot.com comes under this section.

Sumit Bajaj working as a senior business analyst in Gurgaon operates a blog which he has named as the-i-me-mine.blogspot.com The blog is all about life experiences and opinions.

Blogs are constructive and progressive. But often their names can be deceiving but equally triggering curiosity. Archana, a young student of Fashion Designing in Chennai operates a blog, which sounds doom. The blog named selfdestructiverebel.blogspot.com is a meeting point for friends of this impulsive, impatient youth.

Here is a blog which is true to its name - remainconnected.blogspot.com operated by Tanay Behera from Bangalore.

It put to a constructive use, life’s moments can be cherished always. The best example would be the network of blogs created by the students of Manipal Institute of Technology. The blog named bevharsha.blogspot.com operated by Harsha a MIT product, has videos of the merriment of college life. Sweet memories of their four years in Manipal have been placed on the blog.

A general blog may contain musings, photographs, travelogues or just plain personal commentary like the arunrocks.com/blog.

The education field has assimilated the blog technology well. Check out sacjournalism.blogspot.com and richardrego.blogspot.com where students of a college get regular instructions and updates on various activities in their department.

A picture speaks million words. If photography is also your field of interest and your finger itches on a camera, your blog will surely be picturesque. Mangalorean photographers show you the way on how to operate blogs with every priceless moments captured by the lens. Check out daya-kukkaja.blogspot.com, or talkingimages.blogspot.com.

Thought provoking names to blogs do give a pleasant feeling. pebblesthrow.blogspot.com, Solitaryimpressions.blogspot.com and smilesnsmiles.blogspot.com or myworld4u.blogspot.com, mydayzwithmyself.blogspot.com are a few.

Get freaky on the web and create weird blogs. Someone seems to have heard me. The persecutionblog.com, foodierant.blogspot.com, lifezlikedat.blogspot.com, enter-thy-rest.blogspot.com and nostalgica.blogspot.com, the-i-me-mine.blogspot.com are a few uniquely named blogs.

A blog to monitor all terror activities of the Indian Naxals including the Peoples War Group (PWG) and government policies to tackling naxal menace is being operated from Nov 2004 under the name, naxalwatch.blogspot.com.

Premnath Kudva of Mangalore has one of the comprehensive and systematically operated blog.

“Essentially I started blogging so that my name turned up on Google searches so that my pals could find me. Further I was able to use the blog as an online dairy that every one could read,” says Premnath who became well versed in using the blog, added pictures started using it to show his stamp collection and currency note collection to the world.

Blogging can also be addictive, but a healthy addiction is always welcome.

This was just a peep into the world of avid bloggers, but the open secret is that the world of blogs and blogging is indeed mind boggling.

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