Saturday, October 21, 2006

Red flags and revolutionary slogans are camouflage to lure youngsters

NAXAL supporters quote Arundathy Roy discrediting National Flag and security forces , her quote found at NAXALITE BLOG states "Flags are bits of colored cloth that governments use first to shrink-wrap people's brains and then as ceremonial shrouds to bury the dead." -- Arundhati Roy

Pro Naxalite ,Anti-India rhetoric of Arundathi roy is not new to the people in India , this Five star activist can stoop to any extent to be in media limelight . Even to the extent of supporting terrorists who attacked Parliament , the temple fo freedom and democracy . These same people talk about "freedom", 'human rights " , do you find any hipocrites of this type anywhere in the world ?


"Red Flags and revolutionary slogans are camouflage that leftists and foreign agents in India use ,first to lure youngsters and drape their mind with phony illusionary failed red revolutionary ideas and then ask them to commit crimes against state, all in the name of illusionary ideology , which enemies of India love to watch and weaken us . These youngsters should beware that they are serving foreign agenda of destabilizing India . In the end these youngsters don’t know how much pain they are giving to their mothers by taking that phony revolutionary path and dying for fake revolution . During all this period , only one tribe will be laughing all the time -- ANTI-INDIA AGENTS ." .

NOTE : People who preach and talk revolution always live a 5 star live , some even lead a 7 star life style , it is the ordinary poor innocent youngsters who fall prey to these demons masquerading as Intellectuals . Having said that , it doesn't mean there are no social problems in India , the point we are making is how these foreign agents exploit the issues and create rifts to make their foreign masters happy. Our appeal to youngsters is NOT to fall in the trap of phony slogans .

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