Wednesday, October 18, 2006

“Tech” Maoist Madhu surrenders

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Hyderabad : The main accused in rocket-launcher case and CPI (Maoist) leader Srinivas Reddy alias Tech Madhu and his wife Sudha Rani alias Vasantha surrendered before the police in Warangal on Tuesday evening.

Police have been searching for them since they cracked the rocket launchers case and seized about 850 rockets and launchers in the first fortnight of September.

Madhu and Vasantha gave up in the presence of Warangal SP Sowmya Mishra.

Madhu, who set up an engineering firm in Chennai about three years ago, was the person behind the manufacture and assembly of about 1,000 rockets and launchers. The Mahabbobnagar police chanced upon a mini-truckload of rockets near Achampet on Sept 9th.

The subsequent raids on Kranthi Transport at Vijayawada helped the police seize the weapons in huge quantities. Soon after, Madhu and Vasantha abandoned their Chennai house and fled.

But, police chanced upon Madhu's personal dairy which revealed that the Naxal leader was willing to surrender. Acting on clue, Director-General of Police Swaranjit Sen gave a call to Madhu asking him to surrender.

Madhu reportedly contacted police through his contacts in Warangal district and thus the stage was set for his surrender.

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