Sunday, April 22, 2007

Naxals flex muscles

Abdul Qadir
[22 Apr, 2007 l 0218 hrs ISTlTIMES NEWS NETWORK]

GAYA: With no less than four operations to their credit in the last few days, the Naxals after remaining dormant for sometime, have once again gone offensive in the Imamganj area of the district, a favourite turf for the Red Army (armed squad of the Naxal outfit).

On Friday night, the ultras blew up the house of Pankaj, a former activist of the Maoist outfit who subsequently deserted to a group. A large number of ultra Leftists virtually invaded Pandhori village under the Imamganj police station area and blew Pankaj's house.

Pankaj, besides deserting the Maoist outfit, is alleged to have siphoned off a good part of levy (extrortion money) extracted by the ultras.

In another operation, the Naxals put on fire, the house of Ramanand Yadav of Barcheta village under the same police station. Like Pankaj, Ramanand's son Manoj, too, is said to have deserted the Maoist outfit.

These two incidents, besides the killing of Krishna Deo, another Naxal deserter and JD(U) activist Birendra Prasad, have once again brought the Dumaria-Imamganj area on the Naxal radar, thereby threatening peace in the area which witnessed lot of bloodshed in the nineties.

Insufficient accessibility and the areas proximity to Jharkhand have added to the woes of the police. Unlike the earlier operations of mass butchery, the Naxals have switched to the selective killing strategy and deserters and cops are the prime targets.

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