Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Police hope to crack Naxal operations

BY A STAFF REPORTER | Wednesday, August 29, 2007 12:2:51 IST
With the arrest of two suspected Naxal operatives, the police have received information on Naxal operations

With the arrest of two key members Shridhar Krishnan Shrinivasan alias Vishnu (50) and Vernon Stanilaus Gonsalves alias Vikram (50) the police have claimed that they have received very good information. They hope to use this information to understand the modus operandi and the pattern of work of the Naxalites in Bombay and other parts of the state.

"At present, along with the ATS (Anti Terrorism Squad) and ANO (Anti Narcotic Operation), teams of police officers from Chattisgarh, Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat have come to interrogate both of the accused men to extract information about the Naxalite activities in their respective states," said Sunil Deshmukh, a senior ATS Police Inspector.

"A team of ATS officers, while arresting them had also seized plenty of literature. Along with that, we seized a Toshiba laptop, a Canon printer, 52 CD's, one DVD and some pen drives from Vishnu's house. After analysing the information we have got much more important information. The information is about where their training camps are, their organisational hierarchy and how they operate. This will help us in our operations," Deshmukh added.

The Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS) of the Bombay Police had arrested Vishnu and Vikram from the Municipal Colony at Govandi on August 19. They are alleged to have links with the Naxal movement at the national level. A holiday court on Monday directed the police to conduct the fresh medical examination and submit the report on August 22 in the regular court and apply for further remand. On Wednesday, the Additional Chief Metropolitan Magistrate S. S. Shinde remanded the two men to further police custody till September 3.
The ATS also claimed that Vishnu was the state head of Maharashtra and also a member of the National Politburo and the Central Planning Committee of the CPI (Maoist). Vikram was a former chairman of the Maharashtra sector who continued his association with the movement.

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