Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Security forces up against lack of funds

Tuesday August 28 2007 07:30 IST

BHUBANESWAR: Even though the activities of Left wing extremists (LWEs) in the State are on the rise, lack of funds and delay in the implementation of police modernisation programme have hit the preparedness of the security forces.

Naxalite activities in the State have registered almost 100 percent growth during the last one year. While there were 43 Naxalite attacks during 2006, they have increased to 47 by August, 2007.

The alarming fact is the death of 12 common people and police personnel during such a short period this year despite claims by the State Government that Naxalite violence in Orissa is very less compared to neighbouring states.

Official sources claimed there have been 48 attacks by the Naxalites by July this year which is 19 more than the corresponding period last year.

The ultras have expanded their base in tribal areas basically in western and northern Orissa besides their traditional strongholds in southern parts of the State. Another disturbing matter is the gradual strengthening of base by the Maoists in coastal districts because of displacement of tribals for big projects.

There were six encounters between Naxalites and police by July this year. However, police did not have any success in these encounters.

However, Naxalite violence profile remained much less in the State compared to other states. Though on the rise, the number of attacks remained much less compared to other states.

In Chhattisgarh, there were 560 incidents of Naxalite violence in which 341 people were killed while in Jharkhand, 91 persons died in 228 incidents of Naxalite attack. In Andhra Pradesh, there were 146 incidents involving 36 deaths while in 78 incidents, 36 people died in Bihar.

However, during the last financial year, size of the annual plan for modernisation was only Rs 30.67 crore out of which Centre was to contribute Rs 23 crore.

Out of this, Rs 20.58 crore has already been released to the implementing agencies by the Ministry of Home Affairs. Of this, Rs 4.92 crore was earmarked for arms while Rs 1.11 crore was provided for security and intelligence equipment.

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