Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Jharkhand politicians on a land grabbing spree!

Ashok K. Jha
09 October 2007, Tuesday

Politicians of every hue and colour in Jharkhand want to have a mansion, complete with sauna and swimming pool. Such politicians would hardly be inspired to think about the pathetic condition of the ordinary people.

RAJESH KHANNA in his heydays enacted the role of a wily politician who was a barber by profession but became an independent MLA and as no party had an absolute majority, he managed to win the Chief Minister’s post. It was pulp fiction and the director tried to expose the rot in our political system a la Bollywood. What was thought of as fiction became reality when Madhu Koda, an independent MLA was able to become the Chief Minister of Jharkhand. The dreams of the people of Jharkhand have been shattered as things are getting better in Bihar, the state it was bifurcated from. People are disillusioned; they feel betrayed and are seething with anger.

The government has no plan, policy, intention, energy, foresight or strategy for the betterment of its people but is rewarding itself without any guilt and compunction. Luxury cars, neon lit bungalows, heavy security paraphernalia are common things. Now they are devising means to allocate themselves approximately hundred acres of prime land on the Ranchi-Jamshedpur highway. The intention is very simple - politicians of every hue and colour want to have a mansion, complete with sauna and swimming pool. These leaders who spend their time in this kind of an environment would hardly be inspired to think about the pathetic condition of ordinary mortals. Would they form a committee to study why the vehicles in the state run at only ten kilometers per hour, why Naxals are collecting more taxes than the state government, why there is no power for days at a stretch in many parts of the state or why the state is going downhill despite being blessed with rich natural resources?

The Indian Army had to shelve its Netarhat Field Firing project because the Chief Minister said it could not provide land to it. Several projects, promoted among others by Naveen Jindal, L N Mittal and Ratan Tata, SAIL etc. have been hanging fire because the Koda government has failed to allocate them the land required. But the Koda Government has acquired prime farm land from the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) to build bungalows for all the current legislators — 82 MLAs and 20 MPs. What is also shocking is that the sprawling plot has 189 priceless varieties and 30 hybrids of mango , 50 and 40 varieties of litchi and guava respectively. According to the State Land Revenue Minister Dulal Bhuian “Considering the fact that at the Centre it is our coalition (UPA) which is in power and even at the state level it is the same coalition that is in power, we expect that the proposal by the Jharkhand government for the piece of land will be accepted soon.”

Most of the politicians have already amassed unimaginable wealth and their greed simply knows no bounds.

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