Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Naxalites strike anew : Geological Survey of India jeep burnt ,

Statesman News Service
KEONJHAR, Oct. 9: After eight months, the naxalites have again struck terror in the district.
This time they burnt down a jeep, a drilling machine and a pressure pump of the Geological Survey of India (GSI) to ashes.

Sources said that some people of Ghutung under the Daitari police station were against the survey work carried out by Geological Survey of India(GSI).
As per as the statement of the solitary GSI guard who was present at the camp on 7 October, some people, who looked like Naxalites came and threatened with dire consequences if the machineries were not removed from the village.

On 8 October around noon time, 15 workers of the Geological Survey of India (GSI) were about to leave the place with all the machineries packed in two jeeps.
Eleven Naxalites, including five women arrived at the spot and took them as hostages.

Later the Naxalites let them go with only one jeep with a warning that they should not dare to come to the village again in the future.
The workers told the police that the Naxalites warned everyone. Their contention was that innocent villagers should not be disturbed.The value of the gutted machineries is estimated to be near about Rs13 lakh.

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Romy said...

I am new in this blog, I read news about the war between Mao's and Govrnment System.
I said Govrnment System because Government always change but System never, that's like a virus.

I have only one question to System and answer for us (people)

Why the most of people sleep hungry?

Your answer?
I have answer, if anything is wrong then please tell me.

Question - Why the most of people sleep hungry?

Answer - Because we are sleeping.

Your Answer and ?????