Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Accused tries Maoist twist, fails


Tuesday December 25 2007 12:12 IST

B K Rout

ANGUL: Hemanta Dehury (31), who confessed before police to have brutally murdered Nalco employee Krishna Nanda, had cunningly tried to give the entire 'episode' a Maoist twist by floating the abduction theory.

Had police not centered their suspicion on Hemanta, a neighbour of Krishna Nanda, they would have been groping in darkness till now.

“And combing operation might have been launched in Satkosia forest by now to trace Krishna,” admitted a police officer.

In wake of reports of appearance of suspected Maoist elements in Satkosia, Hemanta, who was working in a transport company at Faridabad in Utter Pradesh for eight years, wanted police to believe that Maoists might have abducted Krishna and killed him for ransom.

He first murdered Krishna and then informed his family that their son had been abducted for ransom and was kept at Satkosia.

But little did he know that his game plan would be exposed so suddenly. Hemanta has now claimed to have killed Krishna without the help of any accomplice.

On the fateful night, when Krishna was on his way to Nalco plant on his bike, he stumbled across some wire that had been laid across the road by Hemanta.

Krishna was badly injured after he fell down. Taking advantage, Hemanta tied his hand and dragged him to the dry pond near his home where he again tied him with poles that had been readied earlier.

He then tied his feet and hit his head and throat with a sharp-edged weapon till Krishna died. Investigating officials said both the families were bitter enemies for more than five years.

SP Pratik Mahanty said though Hemanta has admitted to have committed the act alone, further investigation is on.

The SP has termed the case an outcome of 'family animosity'.

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