Sunday, December 23, 2007

Green' corridor more dangerous than 'Red': BJP MP

23 Dec 2007, 2256 hrs IST,PTI

SHILLONG: The threat posed by fundamentalists to the Northeast is more serious than that of the Naxalites in parts of Central India, BJP MP from Arunachal Pradesh Khiren Rijju on Sunday said.

"The threat to the Northeast may be silent but it is more serious than the Naxalite threat. We have been saying that the 'Green corridor', an Islamist design to create inroads into the Northeast, is more dangerous than the Red Corridor, revolutionary compact zone of Naxalites in Central India," Rijju told reporters here.

He said the recent threat received by the BJP in Assam purportedly from the Al-Qaida is a fall-out of the party's aggressive stand against the fundamentalist elements and illegal infiltration.

Accusing the Congress governments in the region of being a silent spectator to the fundamentalist ingression, the MP said, "the situation in Assam is alarming. If the Congress government in Assam continues to patronise the illegal migrants, the state would have a Bangladeshi as chief minister in the next 20 years".

On the threat by the Al-Qaida to the Assam BJP unit, he said, "it is a very serious matter, and it shows the threat posed by the jehadi groups to the entire region. We are taking up the matter with the security agencies".

Claiming that the BJP is never against the Muslims, Rijju said, "we oppose anyone who is against nationalism. The Congress has been deliberately pitting Muslims against us, but we are never against any community or religion".

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