Thursday, December 27, 2007

Maoists may ‘avenge’ Nandigram carnage

Statesman News Service
RAIGANJ, Dec. 26: The Maoists, on chairman Mao's 115th birth anniversary today, pledged to avenge the Nandigram killings. The pledge has come through the distribution of leaflets in Raiganj last night.

Two persons riding bi-cycles, spread the leaflets along the NS Road and MG Road, two of the major thoroughfares of the town. The contents of the leaflets prove the presence of Maoist forces in the region, particularly North Dinajpur district. It has caused concern among the common man.

The contents of the leaflets are a call directed at the people to avenge the “Nandigram genocide.” The Second Central Committee CPI-ML has taken responsibility of the leaflets, which were distributed on the streets and the shops along the two major thoroughfares.

In addition to urging the people to rise against the Nandigram incidents, the leaflets also claimed that December 26 was the 115th birth anniversary of Mao Tse Tung. “Followers of Naxalite leader Charu Majumder are preparing in every corner of West Bengal to take revenge against the mass killings in Nandigram,” the leaflets further read.

Informed, the police arrived at the scene and after inquiry learnt about the two bicyclists who had distributed the leaflets. A thorough search of the area, however, did not yield any result as the bicyclists had left the area by then leaving behind a commotion.

According to the North Dinajpur police superintendent Mr SB Purnapatra, the Naxalites were trying to regroup in the district. “The Naxalite had in the past succeeded in gaining some support in the two villages of Chhatraghati and Patirajpur in Itahar. But they had lost touch in the past few years. It is possible they are trying to reassemble in the district projecting the Nandigram happenings,” he said.
The SP added that the DIB has been asked to prepare a report on the situation and about last evening's leaflets after an investigation and the report would be taken up for discussion. “Measures would also be taken against those who created panic by spreading the leaflets,” he, said.

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