Saturday, December 08, 2007

Nagpur police rope in new detectives

Sanjay Tiwari
Saturday, December 8, 2007 (Nagpur)
Nagpur is Maharashtra's winter capital, fondly nicknamed ''Orange City''.

But on these innocent streets and in the city's by lanes lurk secrets that elude the Nagpur police - secrets at the heart of terror cells and naxal operatives who are increasingly using Nagpur as a transit point for subversive activities.

But now, a new group of recruits joins the fight against terror, students, rickshawallas and paanwallas, a new and unconventional network of informers roped in by the police.

''We have launched a new drive called 'Mission Mriytunjay' that includes people from all walks of life, especially those who move around a lot and mix with all sorts of people,'' said Babasaheb Kangale, Joint Commissioner of Police, Nagpur.

It's called 'Mission Mrityunjay', an attempt to strengthen the police intelligence network. What's more, it's a modus operandi that's gaining popularity among the recruits. Yes, it's nice to finally make friends with the police.

''Rickshaw-pullers are privy to a lot of interesting information, including illegal activities. For instance, who is involved, where drugs are sold, about illicit liquor and many other things,'' said Abdul Quadir, President, Rickshaw Chaalak Sangharsh Samiti.

But the Nagpur police don't seem to have worked out all the details. How will the police protect the informers, among them vulnerable school children?

And second, there are no incentives offered baring a blatant disregard for these operatives the police are calling their friends.

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