Sunday, June 29, 2008

Orissa Naxal attack: Toll may reach 12

Mohammed Siddique in Hyderabad June 29, 2008 16:29 IST
Last Updated: June 29, 2008 21:40 IST

Amid growing concern over the safety of the missing 28 policemen in a water reservoir on the Andhra-Orissa border, the government of Andhra Pradesh has pressed two more helicopters from the Oil and Natural Gas Commission to help in the search and rescue operations.

While the deaths of five policemen have already been confirmed, the senior police officials at the spot have expressed fears that the death toll may go up further to at least 12.

Sunday's incident took place when CPI-M rebels attacked the launch carrying policemen from Orissa to Sileru in Andhra Pradesh after an anti-Maoist combing operation in the morning.

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Y S Rajasekhara Reddy had a review meeting in Hyderabad with top officials and directed that two more helicopters be pressed into service and all possible efforts be made to rescue the missing policemen.

The chief minister, who will visit the spot of the incident on Monday morning, also discussed the security provided to the leader of the opposition N Chandrababu Naidu [Images], who is presently in north coastal Andhra as part of his Mee Kosam Yatra.

Meanwhile, Director General of Police P Yadav has also reached the scene of the incident in a helicopter and discussed the measures taken to trace the missing policemen including Greyhound commandos.

Varying figures of the policemen travelling in the launch were doing round adding to the confusion. DGP said that 35 policemen were rescued and nine were injured. "Search is on for the others," he said.

The sensational attack has come at a time when the Communist Party of India-Maoist is observing 'Anti Police Week'.

The Special Investigations Bureau, which deals with the gathering of anti-insurgency inputs had warned a fortnight ago that Maoists may carry out a major attack any where in the state. But nobody had thought that the attack will be water-borne because never in the past, they have targeted the police in this way.

The police said five policement were killed, including a sub inspector of police Shankar Rao, two members of the elite Greyhound commando force and two home guards, all from Andhra Pradesh.

Sandeep Shandaliya, deputy inspector general of police, Visakhapatnam [Images] range, said that Maoists fired upon the boat in Machkund reservoir in Malkangiri district of Orissa. "It happened when our force was returning to Sileru," he said.

State Militia Commission, a recently constituted force of the Maoists, attacked the patrolling party of the police near Bodikuttu when they were crossing the Sileru reservoir. The launch was carrying the members of the Andhra Pradesh and Orissa police as well as the personnel of the Greyhounds, an elite anti-Naxal force of Andhra Pradesh.

As the launch sank during the attack, the police personnel had to jump into the reservoir even as the Maoists were firing on them, a police official said. Some policemen also returned fire. As the news of the attack reached Visakhapatnam, two naval helicopter were immediately rushed to save the policemen.

In Hyderabad, state Home Minister K Jana Reddy reviewed the situation with high-level police officials and directed them to take all the possible measures to find and rescue the missing policemen.

CPI-Maoist had constituted the State Militia Commission only 10 days ago to carry out a major attack against the police in Visakhapatnam tribal area, which has seen several encounters and other incidents in the recent months.


Pranab said...

Hi sir,
I am Pranab from orissa.
I have been reading ur blog since many days.This recent incident of nearly 40 policemen getting drowned in the river due to naxal attack is a very tragic one.This shows the inability of our forces to overcome the naxal problem.I dont know why the problem is lacking the will the wipe out the problem from its roots especially the orissa govt.
A sad day for whole nation...

Rohit Agarwal said...

I came across your blog while looking for details on the greyhound incident. My compliments on a meticulously maintained and updated blog. I am doing a similar thing on defence related issues - you may wish to take a look.

Anonymous said...

L.K. Advani visits FACT Naxal Exhibition...

Anonymous said...

You are trying to some thing to Indians. Thats good. But please come to reality. Each and every Indian knows that how our politics and the politicians are.. Even we are publicly showing those things in our movies and every where..Have you ever been to a village in India? Have you ever been to a place where big/rich people are looting the normal/poor people? Have you ever try to know about why this revolution started? Have you ever try to know about our Indian police behavior? Have you ever thought of what this revolution did for India? last but not the least..please under one thing that why our Indian gout is trying to kill naxals only but not the real actual terrorism(i hope every one knows what is real terrorism is)?

Man you will understand the pain of the problem when you really taste it..I know and I saw so many Indians who's food out taking by some one from their mouth.. a Indian I am thinking positively in both sides and I understood only one thing that Naxalism is not terrorism..Our politicians are terrorists and politics is terrorism.

Thousands crores of our money is with politicians and few rich(here rich means not the person who earns money with their talent like a big company) people. Thats our money man..Instead of fighting for that why are you trying to comment on the people who is trying to some thing good for the society?

Try to change the society to create social equality but please dont waste your time for smashing a person who is really fighting for a social and realistic cause. See every one of us(including our politicians who says they want to do some thing for society) works for money man, but who is spending their life for society by living in a forest without shelter and anything man..they are not expecting for anything form us for them man..they want to give some thing for us.. simple are a good are walking on a road..some one try to hit you with a rod then what you will do? you will also try to hit him becoz you want to survive your self and live your normal life...

moral of above story tells you that they are trying to rescue the society from the people like politicians(few other categories) so our politicians are using their power to smash them. To rescue themself to work for society Naxals have to fight..Other wise there is no other reason for naxals to kill police..why the society want to kill the people who are working a cause?

Please think positively about it will understand the things..

Anonymous said...

I partially agree with the Indian comments. I do agree to much extent that killing is brutal and nothing else can compensate the loss. But when a chain reaction is initiated, its not only the catalyst(politicians) that should stop but also the propagators(police). Hope the people understand that. We are not in the side of police nor in the side of naxals. Its all the side of people loving freedom and people enjoying the benefits of the society equally and correctly.

Hell, stop the reservations, stop the vote bank politics.. kill the real terrorism that blasted the bangalore and ahmedabad. Create a safe soociety.. if that's done.. who the f*&# are the naxals? They will extinct. If there No Problems that why one wants to fight...

Anonymous said...

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