Sunday, June 29, 2008

Over 50 jawans feared drowned after Naxal attack in Orissa

29 Jun 2008, 1511 hrs IST,PTI

MALKANGIRI (ORISSA): Over 50 personnel of the anti-Naxal force of Andhra Pradesh and Orissa police were feared drowned in Balimela reservoir in Orissa's southern district of Malkangiri on Sunday as the boat ferrying them came under gunfire by Naxalites from atop a nearby hill.

Orissa Director General of Police Gopal Nanda said that the incident took place near Alampetta village when nearly 64 security personnel of the elite Greyhound Force were on their way to Chitrakonda in the state by a boat for a joint operation against the Naxalites.

Of the 64 personnel on board, eight could manage to swim ashore with bullet injuries on them while search operation was launched to trace the missing policemen.

"We cannot specify the exact number of jawans missing at this moment," he said adding three of them were from Chitrakonda police station.

According to Malkangiri Superintendent of Police S K Gajbhiye, though none of the security personnel was found so far, the search team recovered some caps used by the jawans from the 40-meter deep reservoir.

The eight personnel who swam ashore were rushed to hospital for treatment.

Gajbhiye said the Greyhound Force jawans and the Orissa police personnel were on their way to Chitrakonda on the inter-state border for launching a joint operation against the Maoists who are observing a protest week since June 26 against price rise and alleged police excesses.

The SP said though there was an exchange of fire between the ultras and jawans for sometime, the rebels could successfully capsize the boat by targeting its operator.

"The ultras had an advantage as they were atop the hill and the jawans in deep water," he said adding a massive search operation was launched by fire brigade personnel and police force.

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Over 50 jawans feared drowned after Naxal attack in Orissa

Neel,California,says:It looks like some insider gave the information to the Naxals. For naxals to kill 50 people requires big operation. Lot of money is flowing to Mao and Naxal from China. I bet if these guys are caught, you will find that guns are made in china. Second possibility of guns being stolen from army depot. Indian govt. is partly to be blamed for not taking care of the people. Why did these people decide to become naxal?. There must be some reason.
[29 Jun, 2008 2207hrs IST]

P Sadeora,USA,says:It is all because of availability of funds. How do they raise funds? Who supports them? That is where the brakes should be started to be applied.
[29 Jun, 2008 2028hrs IST]

Simple Solution,USA,says:We need biometric national id (MNIC). That should be the top priority BUT we have postponed it since we do not realize it's importance.
[29 Jun, 2008 2025hrs IST]

Hindustani,uk,says:Naxals are Indian citizans and they should be traced and tackled from their homes rather than fighting with them with guns. Any one with connection with Naxals should be put in Jails. The country has lost lots of lives and loosing every day. They are not obeying our law of the land and thy deseve a special law to control them. Nip the bud and don't face these situations. Youngs will fear to be conected with them. They are antisocial elements and should be treated so.
[29 Jun, 2008 1654hrs IST]

RK,India,says:Disaster!!!! The Govt. Needs to think more efficiently and deploy the Army/Infantry and get some good cleaning done, Like sweep with a broom. This becomes an excellent excercise in jungle warefare aswell.
[29 Jun, 2008 1648hrs IST]

Trogi,kuwait,says:we are killing the jawans for the sake of politician's. Why the Naxal groups are not handlled by indian army ? Then the politician's can not survey? Let GOD Save INDIA from this Politicians and corrupted government servants????? GOD is GREAT.
[29 Jun, 2008 1524hrs IST]

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Anonymous said...

it is a shame on the part of rulers;who cannot under stand the problems of the people.why naxals took birth in the country.itis clear the govt is not fullfilling the minimum requirements.then people have to revolt to make the rulers understand on the name of naxalites or what so ever it may high time the rulers think twice.some say use milatary to suppress naxalites.if army also revolts then who will suppress them?.