Friday, June 27, 2008

Poster war against Maoist extremism


The anti-rebel poster of Bokaro police. Picture by Pankaj Singh

Bokaro, June 26: Police are gearing up to give Naxalites a reply in their own coin. The law-enforcers have started an anti-rebel propaganda war in red zones of the district.

The force is putting up banners and poster that show how Maoists were torturing and killing innocent villagers. The other “misdeeds” of the rebels include misappropriation of levy, using the funds for selfish purposes, senior rebels having affairs with new recruits when they have wives at home.

Bokaro superintendent of police Priya Dubey said the propaganda war is aimed at tackling Maoists, who shower “baseless allegations” against the police.

“After seeing these posters, people will realise how the Maoists have stopped development works and have become common criminals,” said Dubey.

These posters have been pasted in rebel bastions such as Gomia, Nawadih, Jhumra, Bokaro thermal, Petarwar and Kasmar, among others.

The move is in reply to Naxalites’ propaganda against officers such as Anil Palta, Pramod Singh, Deepak Verma, P.K. Mishra, Vijay Kumar — with posters, banners and bills showing them as anti-poor and pro-bourgeoisie.

The police have also pasted wanted posters of top Naxalite commanders, asking people to inform them if these people are seen in the area. The posted have phone numbers — 06542-242266 and 06542-242299 — to contact the police and assure anonymity and reward to informers.

Dubey said she was confident the step would fetch positive results. “It is duty of the people to help the police to maintain law and order and arrest Naxalites, who are bent upon creating lawlessness for fulfilment of selfish motives,” she added.

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