Friday, May 22, 2009

16 cops killed in Maharashtra Naxal ambush

22 May 2009, 0105 hrs IST, TNN

CHANDRAPUR: Naxalite guerrillas on Thursday ambushed a police party after luring it into the jungles of Gadchiroli district, killing 16 cops,
including five women constables.

The Naxals had called for a two-day bandh beginning Wednesday in Bhandara, Gondia and Gadchiroli against the recently-held parliamentary elections. The bandh evoked a warm response in these districts, sources said, and as part of the bandh, Naxals had blocked several roads.

A police party led by inspector Ashok Aiyyar went to the hills of Hatti Tola to clear the Dhanora-Murumgaon road, which was blocked by Naxalites by felling trees. Dhanora police station had received information about the roadblock about 40 km away in the jungle and a 16-member police party left in two vehicles. As the police party reached the spot at about 3.30 pm and started clearing the roads, guerrillas hiding in the forest, opened indiscriminate fire. Police personnel returned the fire and a gunbattle raged for about three hours. But in the end, all the 16 cops were killed, reports reaching the district headquarters said.

No details of casualties on the Naxal side were available. Sources said the Naxals set the police vehicles on fire after looting the arms and ammunition and fled into the jungles.

It is the first instance when five woman constables have been killed in the encounter with Naxals in Gadchiroli.

Although the entire chain of events wasn’t clear, it appeared that the inspector who led the police party had violated rules by not informing his seniors before setting off on a dangerous mission.

'Inspector Iyer could have informed seniors of Naxal operation'
Nagpur (PTI) Maharashtra Home Minister Jayant Patil on Friday pointed out the lapse on the part of slain police inspector Ashok Iyer, who set out for the Naxal operation without informing the senior officers.

Police Inspector Iyer and 15 other police officials were killed in the Naxal attack in Gadchiroli on Thursday.

"Iyer was an enthusiastic officer, who had sought second posting in the Naxal-infested area, and when he got a tip off about road blockade on state highway in the weekly market in Dhanora, he instructed his team to get ready and set out for an operation," Mr. Patil, who visited the Gadchiroli District Head Quarters, told reporters here on Friday.

The police team fell into the trap laid by Naxalites on plain area on Dhanora-Murugaon road leading to Chhatisgarh and when Mr. Iyer realised it, he sent wireless message, but by this time, it was too late, the minister said.

Additional police force from Dhanora and Murumgaon had rushed to the site, but they too faced a road blockade as trees were laid on the road to restrict the vehicular movement, Mr. Patil said.

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