Friday, May 22, 2009

KOLKATA: NSG hub in city by June

22 May 2009, 0401 hrs IST, Debashis Konar, TNN

KOLKATA: The state is going to have its NSG hub at Rajarhat by June. Senior NSG officials will be here next week to finalise arrangements with chief
secretary Asok Mohan Chakrabarti and DGP Sujit Sarkar on May 25.

NSG officials selected Rajarhat as it is close to the city airport. But details about land for the hub are yet to be finalised. As many as 250 commandoes would be stationed at this eastern base, which will also have an airstrip. And, in case of an emergency, they can be taken to any spot quickly. To set up the hub, NSG officials are going to instal a pre-fabricated structure to help set up the hub within a short span.

The facility will also have a training centre where NSG commandoes can upgrade their skills in shooting and combating terror. Even the state government has plans to utilise NSG commando instructors to train commandoes of the state and Kolkata Police.

Once stationed in the state, NSG can also be utilised in operations against Left wing extremists in West Midnapore, Bankura and Purulia districts. The state government is planning a major strike against the extremists, operating mostly from Jharkhand. In Andhra Pradesh, the Grey Hound force has been successful in striking out at Naxalites.

The commandoes will be primarily taking care of VIP security, anti-hijacking operations, bomb disposal and counter-terrorism. There would be a small range where commandoes can practice firing from moving vehicles as well as from choppers.

The NSG team that is going to be stationed here will have a specialised control room so that it can co-ordinate regularly with other agencies. The NSG team would also be taking care of major bomb disposal operations and advise and train state officials about IED and other booby traps. The NSG officials are also expected to train the state commandoes on the use of technology and on evasive driving as well.

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