Saturday, May 23, 2009

New Naxal front to spur activities

24 May 2009, 0344 hrs IST, Soumittra S Bose , TNN

GADCHIROLI: Naxals are learnt to have opened a new front at their stronghold in Gadchiroli called ‘Indravati Company,’ christening it after the
river that separates the states of Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh. The revelation has come to fore recently, among other inputs, after surrendered Naxals revealed crucial details on being interrogated.

Indravati Company, formed by amalgamating two platoon dalams having a strength of around 75 cadres, has been made functional to give impetus to the movement in the southern part of Gadchiroli, which is included in the ambitious Dandakaranya plan of the Naxals.

The newly formed company, which is placed under Gadchiroli-based senior cadre identified as Suresh, has been assigned special responsibilities along with strengthening the movements in the stronghold.

The company, active in Kotgul, Malewada and Bedgaon, is learnt to have been assigned duties like escorting cadres and guarding consignments during shipment. According to a source, the outfit is operating in such a manner that it gets strategic support and reinforcement in times of need from their cadres in South Gadchiroli, Madh division and west Bastar.

The interrogation of surrendered Naxals, it has been learnt through reliable sources, has brought a fresh perspective in the theory that local cadres have been reinforced with the inclusion of Maoist cadres, trained in sophisticated military skills, from Nepal. The theory was floated after C-60 commander Munna Singh Thakur and his team divulged the details of the opponents that they had to face during Mungner encounter in April last month. The fact that cadres, who were donning darkish outfits, had basically migrated to Gadchiroli to support the local cadre to execute an assault on police and commando party.

The interrogation details also threw light on the Markegaon encounter which left 38 cops dead in February. The attack was planned and executed by the active participation of Platoon Dalam no. 15, Tippagarh Dalam and Border Dalam formed by amalgamating strength of a couple of companies, out of five, that were part of the military strength of naxal base of Dandakaranya operating along Maharashtra and Chhattisgarh.

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