Friday, May 22, 2009

‘Tainted cops may be helping Naxalites to avenge attacks’

23 May 2009, 0336 hrs IST, TNN

DHANORA (MAHARASHTRA): Are suspended or dismissed cops joining hands with the Naxalites? Villagers of Dhanora tehsil said a day after an ambush on
Dhanora-Murumgaon road claimed 16 cops on Thursday, said tainted cops may be avenging the action against them by helping out rebels.

‘‘It is high time police department kept a track of their suspended or dismissed personnel. We feel that Naxalites are receiving inputs or active help in terms of training from former cops,’’ a villager said.

‘‘The analysis of incidents at Markegaon (01/02) and the latest at Hatti Gota (25/05) shows up sabotage by some insider who may have tipped off Naxals that cops were approaching the ambush point.

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