Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Maoists flout vigil, kill sixth in 5 months

KORAPUT, 7 JULY: Maoists killed Pidika Mohan Rao in Kauribadi panchayat of Bandhugaon block last night sending the chilling message that they could strike at will despite the much touted vigil by police and para-military forces in the area.
Narayanpatna and Bandhugaon blocks of the districts have been in the thick of left wing extremist-related menace and barely two weeks have passed since Union home minister Mr P Chidambaram, CM Mr Naveen Patnaik, and others reviewed the situation in this area.
Pidika Mohan Rao's body was found on the main road near Edugumvalasa, at a distance of 10 km from his village.

A letter was tied to the waist of the dead body, signed by "Daya", secretary, Srikakulam-Koraput Joint Division of the outlawed CPI(Maoist). It declared that the victim was a police informer and had to be eliminated. The Maoists said that the victim had worked for police home guard and had provided information on naxal movements in Kauribadi, Borigi and other sensitive parts of Bandhugaon and Narayanpatna blocks to police at Narayanpatna and Parvatipuram of neighbouring Andhra Pradesh.

The letter also alleged that police had eliminated commander Jyoti and Sanu in fake encounters in Mulamuda forests and had carried out several raids on the information provided by Pidika Mohan Rao.

The left wing extremists also claimed that besides being a police informer, the victim had also usurped land in the area.

It may be noted that Pidika Mohan Rao is the sixth person to be killed by Maoists over the last five months here. Earlier, Kanta Rao of Alamanda, Bhogi Ramesh of Kattulpeta, Kunja Mandingi of Pachingi, Siba Hareka of Borigi and Patro Khosla of Bagam have been eliminated by the radicals. While the earlier five have been killed in forests, Mohan was murdered on the

main road near Edugumvalasa between Bandhugaon and Parvatipuram .
The injuries on his body revealed the use of an axe to hack him, said police sources. ;SNS

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