Monday, July 06, 2009

Maoists proving Frankenstein to Left parties: VHP

Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) demanded the Central Government to expose the hands of left parties behind the Maoist conspiracy in Lalgarh if it really wishes to eliminate Maoist menace from the country. In a press statement issued in New Delhi on June 25, VHP spokesperson Dr Surendra Jain said the way the then ruling party created and promoted Bhindrawale in Punjab for political gains, the left parties promoted Maoists in the country. He said the Maoists who have now developed their network in almost half of the country received ideological and financial support from the left parties. In the beginning the Maoists make the land fertile through terror then the left parties cash it for political gains. This is the clear nexus. That is why the left parties are today opposing the ban imposed on the CPI (Maoists) by the Central Government. It is because of this opposition to the ban that the West Bengal government is just doing eyewash in the name of taking action against the Maoists. It is nothing but double standard of the left parties that they oppose the ban on Maoists even at the time when they have challenged them in their own fort, he said.


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