Friday, July 10, 2009

Mumbai City team to take tips from Israel

Security issues: City team to take tips from Israel
11 Jul 2009, 0135 hrs IST, Prafulla Marpakwar , TNN
Times Of India

MUMBAI: Post-26/11, chief minister Ashok Chavan is dispatching a high-level team of officials led by additional chief secretary (home) Chandra
Iyengar to study the security model by Israel, which has witnessed the intense wave of terror since the year 2000.

Besides Iyengar, additional director general P K Jain, Mumbai police commissioner D Sivanandan, deputy commissioner S T Tamboli, naxal infested Gadchiroli superintendent of police Rajesh Pradhan and the newly formed force-I deputy inspector general K Jagannathan will be on a week-long visit to Israel from Saturday.

In the recent past, no other country, except Israel has seen intense wave of terror in the form of suicide bombings. Since the year 2000, a record number of 1000 innocent persons were killed in terrorist attacks. "Post terrorist attacks, the Israel administration has successfully built up its security force. Besides procuring the most modern equipment, it has provided specialised training to its officials. Our aim is to study the security plan developed by Israel and examine if we can implement in Maharashtra, particularly Mumbai,'' a senior official told TOI.

The official said, the delegation will particularly study the safe city model developed by Israel and effective use of electronic gadgets meant for protecting sensitive installations and VVIPs. "By and large, Israel has successfully stopped the entry of terrorists from the neighbouring countries,'' the official said.

The official justified the huge cost of modernisation to protect innocent lives and properties. "In terrorists attack, besides our police men, a large number of civilians were killed and huge property was also damaged. In addition, we have not taken into account the loss of business. According to rough estimated, the loss of revenue, business and property was more than Rs 5,000 crore in the terrorist attack on Mumbai,'' he said.

On the compensation for the victims, the official said, on an average, the government is paying nearly Rs 1 crore to the relatives of the police officials killed in action. "Under such circumstances, if we spend more on security, we will be able to save the lives of our officials,'' the official said.

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