Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Network tips for police to fight rebels - DIG holds workshop


Hazaribagh, Sept. 7: Reformulating strategy and sharing information with the last line of defence can only result in effective campaign against extremism.

On the instruction of director-general of police Vishnu Dayal Ram, superintendents of police of seven districts, deputy superintendents of police and inspectors today became a part of this unique information sharing workshop under the guidance of deputy inspector-general M.S. Bhatia.

In the workshop, which went on for nearly four hours at Town Hall, participants were told about basic guidelines for anti-Naxalite operations besides outcome of previous incidents were shared.

Bhatia said that “temporary setbacks” occur but the force should not get demoralised. He said that techniques were changing with modern gadgets being introduced.

He said that information sharing was the important aspect in anti-insurgency operation and it was necessary to take it to the last line of defence. Bhatia said that 80 per cent of men-in-uniform comprises constables and if they would not get updated accordingly then it will result in loss to them in the fight against rebels.

Bhatia talked in length over Naxalite problems and dos and don’ts during any operation.

He said that it was really impossible to carry the operation effectively unless and until jawans knew about their enemies and what kind of threat they were facing.

He said that it was not possible to pass this message to each and every one of the department by organising such workshops. “But I expect that you all will move to your areas concerned passing the information gathered from here to your subordinates,” he told them.

Bhatia said that it was a brainstorming session with field officers where several issues were taken up and feedback came in return. He said that audio-video sessions were also held to make the workshop more effective. “We also put the case study of previous incidents in front of them in which we had suffered losses. We worked on lacunae in all that cases and made our team to avoid such mistakes in future,” he said.

Bhatia said that the last line of defence remained away from the media and they did not get several information. “Our aim was to pass valuable information to them through these officers, who will visit police stations and pickets under their jurisdiction besides remote areas where jawans are deployed,” he added.

Without feedback and information sharing, chances of losing the war is always high, Bhatia added.

According to Bhatia, Ram failed to come to this workshop but he had sent his message telling in details about modernisation plans besides schemes for welfare of jawans and surrender policy for Maoists. Ram urged officials to utilise the information gathered from this workshop by sharing with their subordinates. He hoped that this would strengthen the force in return.

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