Sunday, November 29, 2009

Anti-Naxal operations after Jharkhand elections?

Sandeep Unnithan
New Delhi, November 30, 2009

The long awaited offensive against the Naxalites in Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand could begin after the Jharkhand state elections concluding on December 18.

"Our boys are in position, there is just some last minute training and revising of strategy," Border Security Force DG Raman Srivastava said.

Five BSF battalions are currently deployed in anti-Naxal operations and another 8 battalions are on election duty in Jharkhand. "Once the elections are over, they will be deployed either in Jharkhand or in Orissa," he said addressing the media on the eve of the BSF's 44th Raising Day.

The home ministry has deployed paramilitary forces in support of state forces to deal with the Naxal menace. The border areas of states have been placed under a special task force comprising paramilitaries. The task force commander is Vijay Raman, a Spl DG who controls all the three paramilitary forces deployed there-- BSF, ITBP and CRPF, Srivastava said.

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Jonty said...

One fails to understand what this eyewash all about. Come end of elections in Jharkhand and all these forces will fade away like "Moot Ka Jhaag", leaving the the common man in a state of lurch and enigma. I have personally observed, since I belong there, that seldom do these so called "Securty Forces" venture out to engage these rogues and take them on where they hide and take refuge. Most of the top commanders of these groups are hand in glove with the local administration or are patronised by politicians. Even if a few of them are nabbed by accident, they are free on bail in a few weeks time.
What irks me most is that when ever a naxal attack or infringement on the peace and tranquility of the common man takes place, the general uproar is either against the politicians or the securty forces for their inadequacies. Who is ever going to hold the bureaucrats accountable. Afterall who conducts the executive orders for any orders whether at the Centre or in the states? The likes of Laoos, Mayavatis and Madhu Kodas don't even know their multiplication tables straight for them to orchestrate any scams. It is simply and only the bureaucracy serving these goons.
I am yet to see some one ask if any head among the beureaucracy has ever rolled for debacles that pock mark the crime records in this country.
But for the apathy, indifference and greed of these administrative officials at every level in the state, starting from the "Block Karmchari" to the DCs, DMs and Secretaries, I am yet to find one in the state of Jharkhand who does his job sincerely without expectations of any greasing under the table.
So some one, please take up a cause against these corrupt bureaucracy before anything else. Flush out the real villains among these and be rest assured, you wouldn't need to resort to force or political diplomacy to win the masses back. The bureaucracy is the real culprit in all the undoing that has gone on for years in the state. Treat the state of this cancer and it would be heaven again with all it's natural splendor for one and all to savour.
So if you are listening, please expose these bureaucrats before anything else, and you would be doing good service to the humanity in Jharkhand.