Monday, November 23, 2009

Bihar sitting on a powder keg

Patna, Nov 24 (PTI) If the continuing haul of arms and explosives are any indication, Bihar is just sitting on a powder keg.

In one week alone, 5,900 kilograms of explosives were seized from various places which prompted police to take a decision on approaching its counterparts in the neighbouring states to bust the inter-state network of arms and ammunition.

Bihar's Director General of Police Anand Shankar told PTI, "We have to eliminate the inter-state network of arms, ammunition and explosive materials".

Out of the 38 districts in Bihar, 15 are the most affected by Naxalite violence and the rest have witnessed sporadic strikes by the extremists in the past three years, sources said.

Patna police has so far been able to seize 59 kg of explosives from Bokaro in Jharkhand and from different places in Bihar during the period under review, Shankar said.

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